Wednesday 16 November 2016

Grand Union Canal Half and Brutal Spider Hill 2016 now live

Brutal Spider Hill 2016 - A Finishing has never been so much fun ! No it wasn't electrified.

The 2016 Purple Patch Grand Union Canal Half Marathon and the Brutal Spider Hill Run are now live and online on the usual gallery - AND also on the New Gallery !

New Gallery
We've been working away in the background all year to put the entire 2016 and future race galleries onto a new gallery provider, Photoshelter. Unfortunately after 41.5Million image views since records begun, our current gallery providers have changed the services that they are going to provide (changing more towards corporate image handling, not image selling), so after a year's testing of lots of alternative solutions we are delighted to announce that Photoshelter provide the most user friendliness for our type of Customers - i.e. you ! so we've gone with them.

Enjoy the clearer layout, simpler checkout, clearer large image preview, and try out the new lightbox function to keep your own favourite collections on the gallery, the ability to share with friends, and the simple checkout with Paypal.

At the end of 2016 we are going to direct to the new website service, so you will still be able to find and search for your favourite images - from the whole of 2016, which is a much better solution than only having a 3 months archive.

The new gallery will mean you will need to create new accounts, because we can't move them from one company gallery provider to a totally different company. Sorry about that, law and things getting in the way and protecting your personal data...

As always, if you are even in doubt - just go to and click through to your gallery from there as that will always go to the most up to date place.

If you want to go back to see any photos from 2016, then this is where to go

And why is there "UKSP" on the front of that web address ?- that's because we are UK Sport Photography Ltd, although we trade as Sussex Sport Photography.

So here's the latest list of gallery links, check out the new gallery and let us know what you think !
We are accepting orders on that gallery - and prices are identical - please bear in mind that VAT is excluded before checkout - because we sell internationally we don't know the right VAT to add until we have your address... There's EU laws about tax collection on digital products that affects this too, but frankly that's waaay to complex for this blog.

Date Event Current Gallery Link New Gallery Link
New Race Galleries
Sat-12-11-2016 Brutal Spider Hill
Sun-13-11-2016 PP Grand Union Half
Last Weeks Galleries
Sun-06-11-2016 LBVCR
Future Galleries (links to race websites are on the gallery pages)
Sun-20-11-2016 ETL Molehills .
Sun-20-11-2016 Brighton 10k .
Sun-04-12-2016 Seaford Mince Pie .
Sun-04-12-2016 The Hogs Back .
Sun-11-12-2016 HollyRun .
Sat-31-12-2016 Brutal Longmoor .
Sun-01-01-2017 Serpentine 10k .

We're busy planning 2017, and putting placeholders into the gallery which will be much easier to navigate and see where we are going to be - with links to event webpages if you want to enter and come and join us !

Brutal Spider Hill

One of the wetter days we have had up on the hill in the wind. It meant a bit of messing about with lens directions and hats, but overall we did a pretty good job of keeping the kit functioning and delivering clear crisp images ! 
Well done to you all on completing it on what was one of the colder days of the year with two major water dips thrown in as well as the muddy bogs...

Good opportunities to have a bit of a sprint

Man conquers mud !

double thumbs for getting the hell out of the bog

It's ok, he's not forcing me

Capturing his best side, since 10am

Her friend was more shocked about it than she was

Fetch Batman

And then right there, he started the dance of the sugar plum faries...

What more of a day out with your friends can you want

always a helping and sympatheic bunch
It was his idea...

excuse me...

All good with 2k left to go, still got it.

Colour co-ordinated top, gloves and leggings, and probably the only Poppy that survived the course

confused of fleet

The locals came out and enjoyed the day too in their usual way
Purple Patch Grand Union Canal
Another fine and crisp day for a flat run along the canal to take in the fantastic views through the Uxbridge nature reserves.
Low winter background sun makes it very tricky at some locations - reflectors help to get some light back onto the shadowy faces, nevertheless we still managed to get some fantastic coverage along the course of everyone having a wonderful morning out !
Well done to Chris and Claire on another wonderful event from the stables

Quite a lot of hills on the course, about this big.

Good work from 69

Steady focus in the Hill Climbing

All relaxed at the finish mat as she acknowledged the crowd

At 2 miles it's still fun

A big entry from Tiptree - looking forwards to seeing their orders !

A friendly wave along the towpath bank

Ealing Eagle having a soaring time

Stopping for a moment

A very balletic Bolt that seems to work !

Surrendering with 1 mile to go

Californian Sun

Just calming down the excited crowds at the finish

This weekend coming is the Brighton 10k, make sure your barcode can be seen clearly and is not creased or folded - and then we can get the gallery online for you super-quick !
The forecast for Sunday is torrential rain - so make sure you have your number on the outside of your coat as well...

Any feedback or thoughts about the new gallery please to me on it's always good to hear peoples thoughts especially when we are going through such a large transition.

Until Next Time - enjoy the training

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