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Monday, 9 April 2018

Paddock Wood Half 2018 and Grand Union Canal Half - galleries now live

The start of the 2018 Paddock Wood Half Marathon
The Paddock Wood Half marathon 2018 and the Purple Patch Running - Grand Union Half Marathon 2018 are now live and online !

Two different races in two different locations - one where the weather started off ok and ended in heavy rain (West London) and one where it started of wet and ended up with sunshine - in Kent.

I'm not going to bore you with too many details today - here's the gallery lists and for future races - the race entry pages - please do read through them - there are some absolutely smashing races in this lot

Date Event Gallery / Event Website
Sun-01/04/2018 RBK Spring Half Marathon
Sun-08/04/2018 PP Grand Union Half
Sun-08/04/2018 Paddock Wood
Sat-14/04/2018 Brutal Bagshot
Sun-22/04/2018 REP Bluebell (Free downloads)
Sun-22/04/2018 Southampton Races
Sun-29/04/2018 7Oaks Tri (Free downloads)
Sun-06/05/2018 YMCA Fun Run
Sun-06/05/2018 REP Steyning Tri (Free downloads)
Sun-06/05/2018 3Forts Challenge
Wed-09/05/2018 Mundays 5k (Free downloads)
Sat-12/05/2018 The Little Welly - Surrey
Sun-13/05/2018 Run Gatwick
Sun-13/05/2018 Oxford 10k
Sun-13/05/2018 London 10 Mile (Free downloads)
Sun-20/05/2018 REP Arundel Tri (Free downloads)
Not ideal conditions to mix it with the dough boys

Gary was regretting his decision

money can buy you anything apparently

Always good to see it going well

Sorry - which way does the course go ?

The standard bunny ears

"And then I said to C3-PO - wait until I tell Caz"

top work in tough conditions

Dan, stealing our jobs

Look there's a pothole !! - nah just kidding

Optical illusion of flight caused by highly reflective puddles

When it's a pacing bus, we can't get pics of people sitting in the back rows

how to take the hills at the Grand Union Canal

Yummy Cliff bars...

leap the invisble gate

Ride the invisible bike (wrong camera though)

Wave to the freezing photographer

Proper race into the finish for third womens place

the front bunny ears

Brian, survivor and punctuation expert.

always time for a quick game of knucles

more job theft

only the two slips at the finish line in the special Cassiobury park mud. 

Not the look everyone gives me at the finish, but I'll take it.

Proper Warrior

Top job Mum !

Thank *goodness* that's over
So that's that for this weekend - I hope you've all dried out now - we're getting ready for the Brutal Bagshot on the 14th of april - it's got hills, mud and puddles for you to get yourself around - it's one of the favourites out of the courses we cover with a little bit of everything thrown in...

Until next time

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