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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The Dorking 10 "Tens", and The Hurt 2018 galleries now live

The enjoyable sight of a start going off into the distance, and Hendo talking to Eva, whilst a cyclists plays chicken in the road with the cars.
Everything changes, but everything remains the same. OR some such wisdom that never makes any sense, except that everything always changes - get used to it, and so we had a few races that we've covered like "forever", but were different once again this year. Regeneration is the best way to grow a butterfly apparently - so we also tried to get some different points on the courses to see if we could deliver something different and broader from previous years to tell each races particular story.
It's a tough one for us - as we move ever onwards to helping race organisers deliver excellent experiences - with downloads for all or live images powered by pic2go - the cost/return balance on how many photographers to put to work at an event where runners are left to buy their photos becomes ever harder. We still want to deliver excellent coverage, but if the event is below a certain size - we know from doing this for 15 years - what the upside sales will be, and also the downside - and taking on board that Risk/Reward and getting the balance right is increasingly difficult without Event buy-in. Change - the event market is changing to free downloads - but the service and race coverage we provide is staying the same - trying to make people happy through the medium of sport photography !

By the way, sorry about the lateness of the blog, these galleries were ready on the same day as the event - follow us on facebook or @uksportphoto on twitter to get live updates when they do - this blog takes a chunk more time to write and fit in and I decided not to start it at 11:45pm last night.

So with that we had the Dorking 10 mile road race, with a cheeky 10k now added for those who like to start their races on a sunday 40 minutes later and finish some 30 minutes sooner - all organised by DMVAC, and includes the Surrey County 10mile champs.
Lovely Views at the Hurt from Pitch Hill. I'll add that Jessica took this shot, She's 10 and been getting the hang of the family business over the past 3 years...
At the same time (well Saturday morning actually) we had The Hurt, which at 10.5k or 21k, or even 5k (doesn't hurt that much) - had revisited the Pitch Hill route, with it's new added improvements of Steps at the summit of the main climb. Next year there will be a ski-lift if funds can be raised. Arguably this route pops runners out nearer to the view to enjoy it than the Holmbury hill route that teases some 20yards from the main viewing point and you never turn to see it. So - probably a nicer view at the top - if you stop for a moment to enjoy it !

Here's the future table of events - and I'm pleased to be able to say that we are delivering Pic2Go live images for the Macmillan Mighty Hike series - you may have heard the adverts on the local radio or seen them on TV. So get yourselves over there and entered if you can ! Proper Charity challenge if you ever needed one to do.

And I draw your attention once again on how many events are now including race photography as the standard part of their race package - make sure you get and share your pictures - and give yourself a photographic memory (instead of being born with one).

Date Event Coverage Event or Gallery Website
Sun-20/05/2018 Kelly's Cycle Challenge Free Downloads
Sun-20/05/2018 REP Arundel Tri Free Downloads
Sat-02/06/2018 The Hurt
Sun-03/06/2018 Dorking 10
Future Races Event Website
Sat-09/06/2018 Race To The Tower Sat Live Images with Pic2Go
Sat-09/06/2018 Mighty Hike - Thames Path Live Images with Pic2Go
Sun-10/06/2018 Mid Sussex Tri Free Downloads
Sun-10/06/2018 Race To The Tower Sun Live Images with Pic2Go
Sun-17/06/2018 Shrewsbury Half Marathon Live Images with Pic2Go
Sun-17/06/2018 Run Central 10k Free Downloads
Sun-17/06/2018 Hampshire Hoppit Free Downloads
Sat-23/06/2018 Race to the King Sat Live Images with Pic2Go
Sat-23/06/2018 REP Arun Swim Free Downloads
Sat-23/06/2018 Leeds Castle Sprint Tri
Sun-24/06/2018 Race to the King Sun Live Images with Pic2Go
Sun-24/06/2018 Leeds Castle Standard Tri
Sun-24/06/2018 Harry Hawkes 10
Sat-30/06/2018 Mighty Hike - Jurassic Coast Live Images with Pic2Go
Sun-01/07/2018 Bewl 15
Sat-07/07/2018 Mighty Hike - South Coast Live Images with Pic2Go
Sun-08/07/2018 REP Worthing Tri Free Downloads
Sat-14/07/2018 Trailwalker Live Images with Pic2Go
Sat-14/07/2018 Race To The Stones Live Images with Pic2Go
Sat-14/07/2018 Mighty Hike - Lake District Live Images with Pic2Go
Sun-15/07/2018 Race To The Stones Live Images with Pic2Go
Sat-21/07/2018 Mighty Hike - Northumberland Coast Live Images with Pic2Go
Sun-22/07/2018 PP DTUF Half
So now you've entered the next race or challenge to keep yourself motivated - have a look at what happened last weekend...

The Hurt - yes the hurtiest hurting hill climbs around the Hurtwood you will ever find. Called The Hurt because of the plants. Honest.
Run to the hills !

No Pain yet

It Hurts, like a world on his head

Humans getting in the way as usual

Both species feeling the hurt

when does it stop this lactic pain ?

What lactic do you speak of ?

She feels no pain, he doesn't quite believe it

So painful his arms dropped off

Dog powered hill climbing

Some people enjoyed the victory of the climb more than others

It's this big a deal ok...

Fetch ET, because this bad boys going downhill fast otherwise

"After you", "no sir, after you.." etc etc all the way around

Excellent family day out for "fun" aka Kids revenge

The joy of achieving

Even the marshal got a bit emotional over this finish - great work everyone

The Dorking 10's - a County 10 mile champs and a 10k for the dodgers.

Croydon enjoying the downhill

Vintage Tshirt Fun

All ready for lap 2

Playing the "hold your breath downhill" game

Playing Air guitar to the marshals as you go round. Tricky Ed Sheeran number this one

Such a cheerful Chap

Hello Caroline !!

What a cheeky boy !! 

Three horse race at 4 miles

That feeling something is going on behind you somewhere but you don't know what

When work colleague relations change irreversibly

Top technique - Good clear indications to the cars at the bridge helped everyone

Time to photoshop in the car behind him

Loads of space at the crossing

Winner of the best leggings and sock combo competition

Judy was happy with that

Pushing on for the win in 52mins for 10miles!

Top Chasing in from Clapham for the 10 win too !

Always dip for the line !!
So that's it for this week - as you can see from the table - it's about to go very very busy over the next few weeks and so we're all getting ready to breath and sleep a bit to avoid the stress of it all ! Wish us luck as we wish all the runners as much luck and success on their various challenges over the coming 
weeks !

Until next time - run safe

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