Wednesday 23 May 2018

REP Arundel Tri, Kellys Cycle, London Richmond 10 Mile, Ride London Revolution 2018 - all free and online

by the end of the day, the fog had lifted and we could see the castle !

It's nice to be able to say that all the work from this weekend is online and ready for FREE DOWNLOADS...
I also didn't mention last weekends free coverage events in last weeks blog, because the event organisers were doing such a good job of telling everyone - it really didn't seem they were going out live anyway... what more could we do !

As we continue our mission to make people happy with sport photography, we're shifting the cost and time for getting photos to participants to be free and fast. This helps everyone who simply doesn't have a photographic memory, because now you can get your photographic memories free from our gallery ! - or powered by the Pic2Go system - which means you got them direct to your facebook profile whilst the event was still going on - sharing those moments before they even become memories - how cool is that !

So have a look down the list here for events to enter, you'll see that free downloads are becoming the "standard" amongst events and that you should now expect to see it as standard on your race entry (and not just a few shots by a hobbyist - proper professional whole route coverage):

Latest Gallery and Event list
Date Event Downloads Gallery or Event Website
Wed-09/05/2018 Mundays 5k Free
Sat and Sunday 12/05/2018 London Revolution Ride Free - Pic2Go
Sun-13/05/2018 Oxford 10k
Sun-13/05/2018 Run Gatwick
Sun-13/05/2018 London 10 Mile Free
Sun-20/05/2018 Kelly's Cycle Challenge Free
Sun-20/05/2018 REP Arundel Tri Free

Here's the same gallery - but 11 years ago - recognise yourself ?

Future races
Sat 2/6/2018 The Hurt
Sun-03/06/2018 Dorking 10
Sat-09/06/2018 Race To The Tower Sat Free - Pic2Go
Sun-10/06/2018 Mid Sussex Tri - Free Downloads Free
Sun-10/06/2018 Race To The Tower Sun Free - Pic2Go
Sun-17/06/2018 Hampshire Hoppit - Free Downloads Free
Sun-17/06/2018 Shrewsbury Half Marathon Free - Pic2Go
Sun-17/06/2018 Run Central 10k Free
Sat-23/06/2018 Leeds Castle Sprint Tri
Sat-23/06/2018 REP Arun Swim Free
Sun-24/06/2018 Leeds Castle Standard Tri
Sun-01/07/2018 Bewl 15
Sun-08/07/2018 REP Worthing Tri Free

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Mind the paint splats at the start of the Dulux Trade London Revolution Ride - 2 days of fully supported sportiving - what more do you want ?

Support crew give the thumbs up at Marlow bridge, narrowly avoiding the Marlow 5 running race (which we used to take photos at) 

Using your communicator to talk to the enterprise at the end of a mission

Marlow bridge, even better when it's closed just for you (ok it was closed for the Marlow 5m but they nicely let the cyclists through)

very big hill shot. Every ride should have one, so we can get the pain.

Little did he know what was behind him, and the crowd wasn't waving at him, but never mind - he had a good time anyway

wrong finish line, but take it all the same !

Here's a new and very organised run in Richmond - incredible level of event organisation

fancy a nice medal ?

Paul of parkrun, who were beneficial partners with the run. He has his own T'Shirt !

I don't think he's proposing to her ? Looks serious though.

Fulham, probably full of football happiness

No that's not snow, but similar technical photo set up required

There was a good team of pacers to try to keep up with/chase down

relief at the finish !

some people had more of a chat than others on the way around

Strong men - Fresh from the circus ?

Richmond Park is quite a nice place for a run

Goldie was enjoying the attention and affection

Medals and memories - because that's what it's all about !

Channelling Giro d'Italia descending

All going ok !

It's just a nice day out on the bike. 

2 more big hills to go

Double hattage, all good.

Precision timing at the start because it all goes down to the millisecond.

Steaming pool on a foggy day, made actually seeing the swimmers a bit tricky !

Sometimes we couldn't see the other end of the pool

Miki - lane lap counting as she does ever year when she's not competing. If you need a pilates class or a sports massage - then go to  She can talk chemistry too, as you can tell from the photo, but don't ask for a judo demo #justsayin.

It got to that point with the fog that we probably needed two lifeguards because we couldn't see the other end of the pool

Someone left their mascot behind

always fun getting the close-up outside pool swim shots

he was actually standing up and someone threw some water at him

That moment when you forget where your bike was left in transition

all going well, survived the fog up the hill

Cycling - it's all about the legs

looking strong into the finish

looking strong into the finish

Top high fiving into the finish

Crazy proud to have finished !

lining up those high fives

I try to tell people - leave the watch thing until afterwards - it slows you down, you get overtaken

awesome high fives

Still going strong REP team - thank you for the day ! (search for "misc" on the ones from 11 years ago to see how things change!)

Proud Dad moment as daughter does top photobomb after working hard on the swim exit photos. She's been taking photos at REP events since she was 4... - adding some added extra coverage to these great events.

Finally - Spare a moment for Gwyn the doggie. Little did she know her owner was going to jump quite so high. Fortunately on a full body harness, not a collar...

So that's it for this weeks roundup of the race news, enjoy the weather - I had a fantastic 1hr run yesterday afternoon, and you can join our SSP Strava group here if you're into that sort of thing it would be good to see you there !

Until next time (I have a weekend off - can you believe it !!!) enjoy the bank holiday !

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