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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Watford Half Marathon 2020 Gallery is live and future event entries

All go at the sharp end of the Watford Half 2020
All the Watford Half 2020 Galleries are online and ready for you to make your memories !
Here's the list of recent and future events for you to enter and then make your memories from:

Date Recent Event Event Gallery
Sat-28/12/2019 Brutal Longmoor
Wed-01/01/2020 Serpentine 10k
Sun-05/01/2020 Tadworth Ten
Sat-25/01/2020 Brutal Bagshot
Sun-02/02/2020 Watford Half Marathon
Date Future Event Event Website
Sun-09/02/2020 Worthing Half Marathon
Sat-22/02/2020 National XC Champs
Sun-23/02/2020 Hampton Court Half Marathon
Sat-29/02/2020 Brutal Bordon http://www/
Sun-01/03/2020 Steyning Stinger
Sun-08/03/2020 Cambridge Half Marathon
Sun-15/03/2020 Brentwood Half
Sun-22/03/2020 Richmond Half and 10k

Watford Half 2020 - perfect weather for this time of year, no snow cancellations and overnight
can't help but smile on a downhill bit

running with a team can make things more fun

remember to drink the drink you carry 13miles...

all going well at 3miles

Wardrobe change at 4miles for the fashion concious

Its up there somewhere ?

Raving 90's style

it takes a lot of effort to do this all the way round !

think I surprised her

serious debate about the pacing for the next 10 miles

all going well and smiles all round

When running past a golf course - "I think he should be using a 4 iron over there..."

Sam forgot his vapourflys

everything definetly going Heathside's way

pick any colour of shoe. But alternate colours for vapourflys only

fast running and fast shoes !

Holding that Italian ceiling look 

Nothing like a good Goal Celebration ! (wrong sport though)

arguments over best pace for the next ten miles was over at 4 miles...

pick the angle - handheld portrait shot - or - 

Landscape second camera - remotely triggered

Mick and Phil - legends in their own lifetime, and on

Friendly rivalry, mind that roving hand though....

Four thumbs up = all is good

flying back down the hill

cheering on the golfers nearby during their putting

always good to have a finish victory arms !

A bit surprised to be overtaken on the line... ?
So that's it for the time being until next weekends Worthing Half Marathon - where the weather forecast is already causing some cancellations further a-field (Llanethli Half marathon).
Main topics of conversation seem to be if the Vapourfly shoes might be cheating and weather or not you can warm-down, or cool-down after a race. Given you can't "cool-up" before a race, and we all understands the basics of thermodynamics, we can all agree that warming-down is not a thing in reality and it's all a dream.

Until next time - enjoy the clear weather for the rest of the week and best of luck at the weekend wherever you might be racing, otherwise - I'll see you at Worthing !


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