Thursday 27 February 2020

English National XC Champs and Hampton Court Half 2020

So who enjoyed the mud and fun at Nottingham for the 2020 English National XC Champs ?

Thankfully almost rain free - we provided the free images sponsored by Saucony using pic2go tech to get them out live during the day. The high resolution sales gallery is now live if you have a particular favourite or a high quality print - follow the links below ! (also there might be a few that were not catalogued on the day due to the mud - so check them out just in case there are some extra ones there for you!)

Next weekend is the Muddiest Brutal at Bordon, and then the Steyning Stinger - which with this years cold and wet weather is going to be a particularly stingy one - especially for the marshals, timekeepers and er, us photographers....

Date Event Free Photos ? Event Gallery or Website
Sat-25/01/2020 Brutal Bagshot
Sun-02/02/2020 Watford Half
Sat-22/02/2020 English National XC Champs
Sun-23/02/2020 Hampton Court Half Marathon
Future Events . . .
Date Event Free Photos ? Event Gallery or Website
Sat-29/02/2020 Brutal Bordon http://www/
Sun-01/03/2020 Steyning Stinger Free downloads
Sun-08/03/2020 Cambridge Half Marathon
Sun-15/03/2020 Brentwood Half
Sun-22/03/2020 Richmond Half and 10k
Sun-29/03/2020 RBK Spring Half Marathon
Sun-29/03/2020 Colchester Half
Sun-29/03/2020 Hastings Half Marathon
Sat-04/04/2020 Findon Grand National 10k Free downloads
Sun-05/04/2020 Run Central 10k Free downloads
Sun-05/04/2020 Paddock Wood

and now for the race galleries..

The Quicksilver Hampton Court Half Marathon

1 mile done

Save the Battle Unicorn

all going ok here !

it's like they're happy angry

it's the double thumbs up (DTU)

Ed Balls does not run, and does not have a doppleganger

guilty or wearing vapourflies

Vapourflies make you look serious. Although I'm no follower of fashion - is the top inside out ?

Necessary, because you blocked us getting a good photo for him...

Runner behind waved for this one

and then I grabbed it

another reason not to wear headphones - cable control

came back for another one. Still didn't show his number, so got his own one of the arch.

which way after the bridge ?

always like a good start shot !

did you know  that you can get vapourflies that match ?

Gary Barlow runs to keep fit for his performances (*not).

If we can't see the runners, then they can't see the finish. Oh and their finish picture is a bit crap.

all busy on the first loop out

team pointing champs - these guys are the best !

all good here

Henry VIII, says no surrender

choking up a bit about this shot to be honest

can't beat a smile !

caught out running again

doubling back after 1 mile to help his friends..
and then there was the knee deep mud at the national XC in nottingham the day before...
Trowbridge put out a big team

mid the splash

it was deep if you got the wrong bit

all smiles at the start on the small first lap

proper knee lift and out of the ditch without a blink

ah, spare shoes

If you're out front, you keep clean

still easy to splash yourself though

she didn't want her shoe so kicked it off over to us...

it is possible to faceplant and finish first !

more good knee lift technique

king of the mountain, but not of the ditch

Drive out like a steeple chaser

it was close with a large lap to go

Ealing - unsure about all this countryside

just running along here cleaner than everyone around him...

oops where did it just go ?

proper cross country !

ready for anything

concentrating hard

you can always just kick the mud off

Great for tan lines

all a bit one sided

don't stop digging when you're half way in

spare shoe time

It's quite a nice location

his mind was elswhere, probably on the next film casting he was going to

should do the skin the world of good

Steve Ovett has returned from Melbourne and grown back his beard, and lives in Corby now.

more views of niceness

keep the form up


"I'm alive" 

log jumping DTU







Winner, and earlier faceplanter



Very pleased Winner !

So that's the weekly roundup, and now to add a serious note.

Lisa Hale - a runner from the Fleet and Crookham club, along the M3/A3 corridor has gone missing since February 14th around midnight on a quick visit to the Petrol Station.
Here's the latest police notice -
We have seen Lisa at many events, and she often volunteers to help at other events that we work at - it was particularly poingniant for us to see that she uses one of our photos on her Strava profile.
Fingers crossed - she will turn up soon, but it's now been 14 days, which is too long.
If you or your friends are in the area, please share the police information and request to check outbuildings and keep an eye out on your runs if you do run in the area - for anything vaguely suspicious.
Thank you.
Lisa Hale in 2016 at the Arundel Castle 10k

and until next time, Stay safe out there.

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