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Saturday, 14 March 2020

Cambridge Half Marathon 2020 and the future with the corona virus impact

It's quite nice in Cambridge

The high resolution race gallery for the Cambridge Half marathon 2020 is available here:
Free photos were available on the day, via and a massive number of the participants have opted to have them through there !

As I sit here - tomorrow the Brentwood Half marathon is due to take place on March the 15th.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak - doubling the number of people who died last night (and tracking the Italian outbreak rates) - the Fleet Half marathon have cancelled, the Bath Half marathon have effectively shrugged because they say runners will run even if they don't start the race and it's safer to support the runners than let them run wild (nb it's never "too late" to cancel an event!) - it seems a lesser of two evils in their choices - but that's only because they can't really measure the impact of their race on transmission rates and the consequences. (actually I bet they could, and I hope that someone in an official capacity from the NHS does get all their runners details and tracks it - because it would make for some real impact data).

Hastings half and the Richmond Half marathon have also cancelled - we are expecting the rest through March and April to do so as well. I've made a note in the list below of the ones we know that have cancelled so far at the time of typing this. Check the race websites listed for up to date information. Please have some sympathy and patience with race organisers if you've potentially lost a ~£35 entry fee - many of us stand to lose a lot lot more.

At the moment the government is allegedly going to ban large mass gatherings from monday - this is not a surprise, I'm watching the news as I type this - Scotland had that number at 500 people, so that's almost all our future work cancelled when it starts.
Cancelled Races that are not under our portfolio have also cancelled include London, Brighton and Manchester marathons, recheduling to September and October. Marathon des Sable and almost all international marathons and events are cancelled too. I'm waiting for the Tokyo Olympics to blink - but it would seem the costs and losses at the moment are too much for anyone to contemplate of a cancellation at this time. If nobody can fly into Japan, then that might sort of stop it happening anyway. Almost all the footie is cancelled, and Rugby, the sports news on TV just now was one item about an excellent win for a golfer in south africa (surprisingly unaffected so far by the Coronavirus)

With all these cancellations - it means we are effectively going to be unemployed for the next two months - at least two months, we are sincerely hoping all our photographer friends manage to get through this period with probably no income and are somehow going to be still available for work at the end of this. We are not alone in this prospect - the gig economy, event organisers, contractors, the entertainment and wider events industry are all going to go into very dark places and if you too are going to have your work impacted by this - my thoughts are sincerely with you all, we stand with you to get through this.

So for the foreseable future we are going to be spending a lot of time rescheduling work into september and october. If our friends experience in china of the past two months - where they have had massive people control measures - is that this is going to take at least three months from today to get through to anything like normality let alone regarding running races. So I would be surprised if anything before July seems like normal. And then apparently we have the autumn resurgence to watch out for.

Whilst we are going to contact all the race directors we know directly - I'll make the point here now - obviously those races that already exist and have booked us for the dates you're thinking of moving to they will get priority - and we can't guarantee we will be able to support your rescheduled race - assuming we have the same availability of good and capable photographers as we do now (and indeed we actually exist as a business still). And even then - our priority is to events that are paying for free photos for their participants, there's only so many events on the same day that we can logistically manage in any practical way.

So here's the past recent events gallery lists, and the future events list, websites and status - today - the 14th of March.
Date Event Free status Event Gallery
Sat-25/01/2020 Brutal Bagshot
Sun-02/02/2020 Watford Half
Sat-22/02/2020 National XC Champs Free photos - pic2go
Sun-23/02/2020 Hampton Court Half Marathon
Sat-29/02/2020 Brutal Bordon
Sun-01/03/2020 Steyning Stinger Free photos
Sun-08/03/2020 Cambridge Half Marathon Free photos - pic2go
Future races Race name Status Race website
Sun-15/03/2020 Brentwood Half currently on
Sun-22/03/2020 Richmond Half and 10k Cancelled
Sun-29/03/2020 Colchester Half
Sun-29/03/2020 Hastings Half Marathon Cancelled
Sun-29/03/2020 RBK Spring Half Marathon
Sat-04/04/2020 Findon Grand National 10k Free Photos
Sun-05/04/2020 Paddock Wood
Sun-05/04/2020 Run Central 10k Free Photos
Sun-19/04/2020 7Oaks Tri Free Photos
Sun-26/04/2020 Southampton Marathon subject to reschedule
Sun-26/04/2020 REP Bluebell Free photos
Sun-03/05/2020 Oxford 10k
Sun-03/05/2020 REP Steyning Tri Free Photos
Sun-03/05/2020 3Forts
Wed-13/05/2020 Mundays 5k Free Photos
Sun-17/05/2020 REP Arundel Tri Free Photos

Anyway here's a few pictures from the Cambridge Half marathon to cheer us all up, hopefully we will have a few more good pictures from events soon.

Mr Fancy Pants - he only went and won it

the wind changed

running tourism past famous landmarks

Who wants to live forever ?

This is the shot we had to get - I think we managed it ok !

running around the famous streets

The luck of the irish

He's a star, his london attempt is a bit delayed now

Top fundrasing running

smiles and miles

soon it will be marshal law

red shoes through Jesus College

all off hard at the front of the first wave

Brains on the run

Through the arch at Granchester

Smiles at the start

Invincible !

good bit of double thumbs up

one way of keeping warm on a cold day

start your watches !

The joy of winning

sunny sunshiney 

Great running !

Top work Ant !

Frankly she put more effort into her costume

Enjoying Trinity Street

coming in fast into the finish

double thumbs up and good to finish

It's a family thang

the best moment of finishing strong shared with friends
If you're going to be at Brentwood tomorrow - please read their instructions, and perhaps take up their offer for a virtual race instead. - it's about as much protecting yourself as protecting the people you might come into contact if you have it, but don't know it.

We will be assessing our places to sit and cover the race so that we have minimum contact and exposure to anyone on the day - having everyone run past oneself in close proximity at the finish increases the odds over and above that of a casual supporter watching the race - so we are working out where we can sit a bit further back and still get some great race shots on the day.

And finally - because you're not going to get enough reminders.
Wash your hands - every time you go out, go in, meet, greet, go to or comeback from anywhere to do anything. And don't touch me, you , anyone !!!

Practice social distancing. Like a cat.
Keep your distance from others
Check on your relatives and phone them up (don't visit the older ones!), check on your neighbours.
This is going to change the way the world and society works - we can be creative and make it a nicer place if we want to.

Very good luck everyone, and don't forget to check our archives for a bit of something to do when you're working from home...

until next time

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