Monday 26 October 2009

Jekyll and Hyde Park Duathlon 2009

The Jekyll and Hyde Park Halloween Duathlon gallery is now online here:

If you're waiting for news of Beachy Head marathon - then when ready - it will be here - we have some 20,000+ images to go through, and we can prepare about 400 per hour, so we are aiming for Wednesday some time... Please check back then or keep registered for these updates to keep informed. We'll try not to go too cross-eyed in the meantime !

So, after the rain and mist, fog and gale force winds of Saturday, it was up early at 5am and off to make the best of the 25hour day that was Sunday. I used 21 of them !
First off - big thank you to Crystal Palace Tri members for the extra £1 for the parking meter, and the other chap who originally offered me £1 in the Bridge car park. As many of you will have found too - the parking meters in the carparks wouldn't take any money before 8:30am ?!? However, the ones in the road near the Diana Memorial would - so £3 of Her Majesty's' British pounds secured parking until 11.20am, plenty of time !
Having just weighed it, I wheeled my 21kg of kit (thank goodness for the trolley!) the half mile to the start, checked in with Lisa and the crew and got ready for the start.
Given more opportunity and higher mobility I would have gone over to Rotten Row for the first lap shots, but light (shady and dark in the trees - yes it was !) time and weight was against me so I stuck with the available light on the main drive before T1, and then went off over to get the cycling.

The main challenge with the cycling shots was the hard sunlight causing overexposure or face shadows when the clouds gave way - especially if you were on the wrong side of the bikes, and large amounts of backlighting on the trees, and a very straight road (you want a bit of wiggle so you can get a nice road perspective off into the distance behind the subject).

The top bend before T2 had a bit of curve which just about did the job - just as long as people didn't ease off too early before the turn (otherwise you just get the resting photos instead of the going-for-it photos)... That seemed to work, and like most spectators I was counting Priscilla's Laps so we knew when to go to the finish...

T2 down and then it was over to the finish for the final run-ins. Ideally there would be time to get to the laps, but if you went out for that shot, you'd miss either half of the cycling, or the winners finishing. What to do ?

Ideally somewhere over by the lido getting the Serpentine in the background is a possible shot but that's a half mile walk with aforementioned kit, and you are not going to get back for the prizegiving, let alone the finishers ! Also, the locals are up and about by then - making the view totally impeded - not ideal.
Sticking to the finish and getting those winning efforts from everyone was the right decision, especially if you want to get everyone...

Well done to Thames Turbo on winning the team prizes - a tricky shot into direct sunlight - but here's your team shot - search on "misc" on the gallery to find it or browse the prize folder.

If you didn't know - this is the most practical prize given out at any Duathlon I've been to:

Well done to Priscilla number 134 on winning the fancy dress competition.
Thames Turbo cleaned up the Pumpkin stakes :

You can find the rest of the gallery here:

And here's a short video-montage of the race:

You can see it below if you're online, but not on email:

Well done everyone - I hope you enjoyed the day !

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