Monday 23 November 2009

Chelmsford 10k now live

The Chelmsford 10k Finish photos are now live:

Somehow, unlike everywhere else in England, it didn't rain for the Chelmsford 10k. Whilst hailstones were falling in Sussex, over in sunny Essex it was perfect conditions... which might be why David our photographer moved over there earlier this year ?

The results will apparently be here on the Chelmsford website when they are ready:

But if in the meantime you're wondering what the winners looked like from the front - here you go:
#65 Springfield striders won the Mens race crossing the line somewhere around 14:33:32pm when the photo was taken, and then you had #129, winner of the womens race, possibly 9th overall (well the 9th person we have photos of on the gallery!), sprinting in around 14:37:06pm some 3minutes and 34seconds later - quite a small margin.

If on the other hand you like a good social with a friend on the way round - 15:11:12pm was when these two rocked up at the finish - clearly having far too much fun !

Well done to everyone on the day, good racing.

The next Essex Race we have down on the Calendar is the Great Bently Half Marathon on Feb 7th - it always sells out so get in there quick ! It's also the Essex Champs (if you didn't know).

The Chelmsford 10k Finish photos are now live:

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