Tuesday 2 March 2010

Roding Valley Half Marathon 2010

It was a dark and stormy night... and morning. and it was cold. Really, it should have been snowing.

But many of you decided that was good conditions for a run - a half marathon around Roding Valley no less - and the gallery is now live online here:

[Whilst you're reading this - for all those who were at the National XC Champs at Leeds on the saturday in the nice weather up north, and are looking for your photos - you won't find them here. We covered the 2009 races in Parliament hill, but Leeds is too far from Sussex to go when you have a two week old baby. So Sorry this time - but hopefully next year. If you do want an archive search of the 2009 images, then email us].

Back at Woodford Green AC, you can see there was a bit of a water hazard on the way out of the track just after the start. Some of you took the challenge - others took the gap in the hedge, and many of you took the other double gates into the car park and back out onto the course.

Some of you did get a bit wet on the way round. And I'm not talking from the rain. That bit where you had to run on one side of the pavement. From doing a bit of research online it is a road traffic offence of a fine and three points to splash pedestrians like this (as they should slow down, and/or pull round the puddle), so if you want it - all the evidence is here for you. Apparently evidence is the hardest bit to prove if you get a dowsing - well - I think I have the solution for many of you. Just enter "splash" into the search box if you want to see some more...
Yes - there's someone in that lot !
A very well done to you all in achieving the way around that course. If it is any consolation the second place chap also got drenched by a car on the way round, so yes - it does happen to the best of them too.

Also due to the weather - understandably there was a lot of flappy numbers and hidden numbers. You will have to search on "000" in the search box instead or as well - you might have shown your number at the finish too - so you will get some photo results - but do remember to have a glance through the "000"s If you do find yourself in there - use the caption correction email just under the preview image to tell me what the race number should be - and I can sort them out.

Well done everyone - if there is one race so far this year and we can help prove you did it - this is the one !

See you at the Steyning Stinger and the G3 Snow and Rock this weekend coming !

all the best

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