Saturday 18 December 2010

A Christmas discount deal

Warning - seasonal breakout of generosity....

Just a quick one for you regular readers and loyal customers - if you order a Medium Resolution digital image before 12 noon christmas Eve (friday 23rd) and put "happy christmas" in the caption space on the order form, I'll send you the Full Resolution image instead - worth an extra few bob or two... Only applies to medium res image orders, (and no - no discounts on full resolution orders !), only applies to Friday 12 noon on the 23rd of December.

Good luck to everyone in this snow. Crowborough 10k is now cancelled (19th December).

RPAC are saying the Holly run will go ahead in the snow tomorrow - although I'm currently not sure I can get there as the A23 has 5 jacknifed lorries on it. Full race info here

Keep safe in the snow and ice !
Until next time,

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