Monday 13 December 2010

Seaford Mince Pie 10 - now live

Now live - Seaford Mince Pie 10 Gallery :

Oh, yes, that Christmas thing
At this point I could put in some hard nosed sales pitch to remind you all to buy your friends a picture for christmas (just check the results from a race to get their race number and use it to find their picture) from any of the races that are currently on the gallery. But I won't. That would be far too blatant for you as my discerning readers. So I'll refrain from any seasonal hard pressure sales and instead say that at any time of year you can put a smile on a friends face by buying them a great action picture of them at their best in a race. You don't have to be a wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend to do this for them, just a terribly nice person. So go on, be nice, and make someeones day special. And honestly, it's cheaper and more personal than 90% of the rubbish out there at the moment, isn't it.

Meanwhile, with the thaw from last friday holding through this weekend we managed to have a complete weekend of races, although I hear they were cutting the ice at Hawley lake in Kyaks this morning (crazy fools). The forecast is for more snow from thursday round these parts, so get yourself out before it all goes Pete Tong again. Moreover, next sunday bear in mind it is the Crowborough 10k - rearranged from last weekend on the 19th December now, as well as the Holly Run organised by RPAC in Reigate.

This weekend
So this weekend saw the Seaford 10 mile Mince Pie race (which starts in Peacehaven) had perfect weather, clear blue skies which actually got even better to a thin milky cloud just softening it fantastically for outdoor photography.

A record turnout on the day, with many many Seaford Striders marshalling the course (I think I saw upwards of 68 marshal points on their map), raising funds for their charity of the Seaford Community First Responders

At the two mile mark it looked considerably more than 400 runners coming along the waterwork fence with sun in the background.

On the way back in it was the opportunity to pick out various types of fancy dress and cheerful people...
Surrender was an option

first of the Santa Hats

Indie getting training in ready for the snow

Don't shave your legs if you want to keep warm in leggings

A happy Santa

Top Tinsel Tails

The hills were alive

A bit of pre-christmas eve fitness before the 24th for the whole team

And if you're not looking out, Rudolph will get you
So - Now live - Seaford Mince Pie 10 Gallery :

Crowborough 10k and RPAC Holly run, Snow and a bit of decorating, as well as some christmas shopping for my 3yr old daughter and the wife. Any suggestions for those are welcome! (

Keep safe in the cold and snow when it comes, and until next time

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  1. What splendid pictures, Ant. I was marshalling where the runners leave the first off-road section for the back streets of Peacehaven, before they go off-road again at the Tye