Tuesday 12 June 2012

Dorking 10 and Mid Sussex Tri 2012 now live

The Dorking 10 mile gallery is now live and online here:

The Mid Sussex Triathlon gallery with free unlimited downloads is now live and online here:

Some Highlights from the DMVAC race gallery here:
yes it's 9am, no need to check your watches
The fog and mist cleared in time for the start of the race

Double wave - but it's only 4 miles in...

A very friendly bunch the Dorking 10 runners

This race is this long. see.

Close competition for Surrey county 10 mile championship position

Always give number 1 a shout out !

A refreshing mug of fun afterwards !
I hope that everyone in the vicinity of the area of the Mole valley is ok with the latest rain and the river being so high - I hope it's not caused anyone any problems. The rain held off on Sunday during the day, but the past 24hrs have been horrendous.

Mid Sussex Tri Highlights :
Gentle Reminder - the gallery for this race is free downloads, so just click on the download button above the preview image. The downloads are 800px on the longest side - which is larger than the gallery preview - so to those of you right-click copying them (because you are allowed to on these, and yes we do monitor it anyway and can see who you are...) - you are not getting as good a copy as you could be getting for free by simply downloading them. Anyway - it confuses me, but it is of course your choice !

Have an eye out for number 15 - Jay - and find out more here http://www.sportsmission.co.uk/ about his venture into Triathlon.
good rotation and high elbows
spotting the turn early
Caught on camera

Jay on the bike

pushing hard or laughing like a maniac ?

Concentratey face

A great team effort

Jay flying in at the finish

proper victory arms

Steves' race director serious facey

Great finishing run by the Dr

First Place - Thomas Hopkins 1:03:10

Second Place - Paul Holdaway 1:03:19 - just 9 seconds in it

Good team finish

Phoenix tri with their winners and coaches

Organisers relief
 Steve (race director) - he's famous by the way - http://www.london2012.com/torch-relay/torchbearers/torchbearers=stephen-mcmenamin-3476/index.html

Excellent effort from Jay in raising money for Rockinghorse 1:44:24 overall

Right, that's it for the next few weeks, planning for the autumn, VAT, accounts for May, PAYE, my brothers 44th birthday, the Cats 5th birthday, Kids back to school and just over a month to the swim. Should keep us busy. And hopefully some orders to to keep us even busier, fed and watered in the meantime.

Until next time, enjoy the summer

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