Monday 28 January 2013

G3#1 and Epsom Perch 2013 now live

The Runners Need G3 Race #1 with free downloads are now available here:

Just click on the download button or disk icon next to the images.
Results should be available on the website

The Epsom Perch Race gallery is now live here:

Results are here:

Saturdays adventure up and over the snow covered hills of the Pilgrims way just south of Guildford from Newlands Corner was a very different day to Sundays muddy cross country around Nonsuch Park in Epsom. Both have their own special moments - but fortunately both of them were bathed in sunshine. This fact alone made it quite special - with the forecast for the rest of the week showing rain, rain and more rain I've noted that the local technical college was starting an Ark building course this term. With the Snow having now been washed away, at least it doesn't look like I'll need the snow chains on the car any more.

Quick last minute call for entries:
Next Sunday we will be out at these races - come rain or shine, but hopefully at best dry, even if cloudy - check the entries out below:

Watford Half

Bookham 10k - Surrey

Ashford and District 10k - Kent

High on the hills of the G3 on Satuday,
It wasn't that cold, it's only FROZEN SWEAT ICE ON HIS HEAD

Scenic paths through the woods after the hills

The hills are alive with the smiling runners, downhill from here

The fear of the slopes...

All ok here

The sun-rise breaks over the graveyard, ridding it of Zombies so it's all clear for the race

melting ice frost on the trees in the morning sun

Running past St.Martha's church at the top of the hill

Tough running early on into the course

Caption suggestions for this one please

All good timing must come to an end

Early leaders out over the hills

Meanwhile on Sunday over in Epsom...

A busy start directly into the sun made it tough  on the start straight

Now which way was it ?

Never has mud and water been so much fun

The water didn't warm up

some chose not to walk on water

some kicked on through it 

ta-da she stayed upright !!

Get ready for the prizegiving or feel the force of my loudhailer

Mens Winner with Nicky from Run-to-Live

Ladies Winner with Nicky from Run-to-Live

They have a van too, for when they aren't running

The Oddballs conga closed in on Dulwich...

So, don't forget the free downloads for the G3, checking out your teams photos from the Epsom Perch, and get yourself out there for some decent races next week. Remember the next G3 is on Feb Saturday the 9th if you're thinking it looks fun and the Deal Half is on Sunday the 10th too..

until next time,


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