Tuesday 29 July 2014

Purple Patch DTUF Half Marathon 2014 and REP Arun Waterside Swim

Fantastic weather for sports this weekend, with sundays slightly cloudy weather being perfect for a run or a swim.
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Purple Patch Down Tow Up Flow Half Marathon - Windsor to Marlow

Waterfront Festival 1.5km and 3km Swims - free race downloads

Perfect conditions for a run along the river Thames, or for swimming in the River Arun on Sunday. Almost 700 people took off in three waves from Windsor in the shadow of the castle to run up the tow path to Marlow and the finish at the rugby club.
Pic2Go Number 42. Possibly the answer according to Douglas Adams.

Pic2Go Barcodes
This was the first time we have used the pic2go barcodes for indexing on the race numbers for a half marathon in the UK - and our thanks to Claire and Chris and the Purple Patch team for helping to add them as labels to the race numbers - we are very grateful to them for that. The labels helped to stiffen the race number sheets - which meant they didn't crease (creases stop them being squares!) - which also improved their visibility.
The technology has been used around the world for the past two years, so our investment in the technology was made with it already having a good track record at other mass participation races.
The gallery went live at lunchtime, about half a day earlier than usual - so everything is working as intended. That's nice :-)

And - we have confirmation that the Bacchus Half and Full Marathon, and the Ealing half marathon will have the pic2go barcodes on their race numbers - so we should have those galleries on line much faster than normal for such large races. Our aim is to get them onto all the races we cover as standard, so hopefully you'll get used to seeing them about.

As we showed last weekend, there is also the ability to publish images live during the race to peoples facebook galleries using the pic2go system - and it would be fantastic for the Runners to experience getting their race photos this quickly to remember and share their race day ! We are actively looking for sponsors for this - so if you know someone or are that company - please get in touch.
(for comparison the San Francisco Marathon say that their free photos from Sundays race will be online in about 5 days... that's a lot of opportunity being missed there, as it happens we had the REP Arun swim free race downloads online before the results...ok not the same scale on that one, but you get the point).

Here's some of the action shots from Sundays races, I hope you enjoy them and don't forget to get yours too ! - next weekend is the Bewl Tri on Saturday and the Wellington College Tri on Sunday - 

Lots of action at the Arun Swim, including two lifeboat launches, and someone playing about on a water jet thingy and a waterplane flying about... and all the photos for the REP events are on free download !
Feel the love from the Marshal and race management team

Debbie and Sue get Photobombed by someone so rich he has two pairs of sunglasses

Tuff Fitty get ready for action

Contenders ready...

off we go !

The The welcoming committee

My, what big arms you have... like seriously. what. big. arms. you. have.

Nigel looked surprised to have finished so quickly

That Wella moment

Piers Brosnan who ? yeah whatever.

Mick checks the script for the reference to chicken

Meanwhile in Berkshire... Purple Patch were putting on a rather nice Half Marathon - the DTUF
The start in the shadow of Windsor castle by the Thames

Double thumbs up for running along

"moonlight" jazz hands - quite an original impromptu team effort. Good times and boogie next ?

The river is nice through Maidenhead

Cookham looking nice

aaaand just over there is Paul Daniels house. I think.

Not seen at the Commonwealth Games this year, but the MoBot makes it to DTUF

Live long and prosper. Go for a run !

 The Win for Reading Roadrunners from Matthew Green #118 in 1:15:51

Always give it everything at the finish (and don't stop short just because you see a timing mat!)

Everything gone well into the finish

Just waiting for the mother in law, all seems to have gone well !
So that's if until next time, have a great week, and I hope you didn't get caught in the storm Floods yesterday (monday) morning in Brighton, Hove and Worthing - the images on telly looked quite shocking.


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