Tuesday 28 October 2014

Beachy Head Marathon and 10k 2014 now live

It was the most perfect conditions we have ever experienced for The Beachy Head Marathon and 10k on Saturday.
As you can see - it was a very clear days with views all the way over to Worthing in the distance...
The view at 5pm from Beachy Head towards Seaford Head, Brighton and Worthing

Namely and specifically the nice conditions were - no frost, no rain, no hail, no gale force wind, no ice, no burning sun, some light. Something wasn't quite right. The weather was so good, even Stu decided to just run relaxed and enjoy the views and the race (if you can call 3:09 "relaxed" )

So, seriously - the photos from the day will probably never be this good for a while - the weather was near perfect.

Having said that, I know what this course can do during a day (Northerly ice hail storm last year anyone?), and it was at 5:30pm when I came off the top of Beachy Head overlooking Belle Tout and broke cover from the lee of the hill curve that the 5 degrees wind chill off the 12 degrees air temperature started to cut through my winter sallopettes and other various winter clothes. Usually I'm exhausted by 4pm but still felt fresh to the end, the effect the weather can have is immense on long days like this, and I think I'm right in saying it's the same for the runners !!

Having the wind behind you up the Seven Sisters and the final climb up the Head must make a very big difference.
It's always good to see a new face win the race, and given the lead field through the early part of the course it was good to see a very competitive race - led home by Stephan Wenk #2170 in 2:55:39 and Jo Singer of Vic Park #1866 in 3:32:48

One thing that really stood out for me this year was the number of Parent/Family/Child pairs running the Marathon together - and how with the weather and light conditions we're really unlikely to get those sort of shots again - so if you're in one of those - please don't miss the opportunity to get them.

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Gandalf chased Stephan only so far up the First Hill, He still won it despite a calf cramp rest 

Easy and up the hill from Jevington

Second Hill Done victory dance

Already turned to a Zombie at Hill 2

He still showed his number better than anyone with a Tri Belt

Synchronised Jazz Hands


Orpington caught checking the local cab companies that accept dogs

Seeing the Head ahead you can't really blame Orpington

Gareth points out that will be Goodenough, Ian.

Dad takes responsibility for entering the race. Daughter Approves.

Only 3 miles early on the final dip

Honest and being in touch with your deepest feelings is important 

Andrew here is seen wearing the latest autumn Fashion - SSP Buffs available from the shop soon

Hollywood thinks long and hard about entering next year

Happy Minion

Suzie receives a guard of Honour

Ruth decided to push up the old Belle Tout lighthouse

That downland view as the sun cut through

Running *Down* That Hill Ms Bush

Larkfield AC, larking about !!

I think the dog wanted more than a number to eat ?

Sometimes we catch people by surprise

That Brutal Buff has hair extensions added

It's very hard to run like this...

Caution not to poke out your fellow pilots eyes when flying along

the joy of finishing

Bracknell make it all the way

That view across the south downs

The new Alfriston Bridge

Down to the start of the Seven Sisters - the last bit of flat !

Not a way to make the race easy ! They are supposed to run with you...

Exceat completed and it's flat !!!

Correct finishing technique !

Burgess Hill practice the Hokey Kokey. I think they put it all in ?

Debbie nails it. Again !!!
Very big congratulations to everyone at the Eastbourne Council, the volunteers, the race directors, the marshals, feed and water stations it's a fantastic achievement, almost a big a deal as completing the race !!! Well done everyone !

Next weekend is the Veteran car run from London to Brighton (our one car event per year) and the November Back2theTrenches if you like your Muddy Fun and obstacle racing, so here's hoping this incredibly good weather keeps going ?!!!

Until next time

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