Tuesday 18 November 2014

Brighton 10k, and Brutal Long Valley 2014 - Galleries live

Ok, so not quite sure how that worked out so well, but two dry gaps in the weather for the Brutal and the Brighton 10k. In fact if the Brighton 10k hadn't started half an hour earlier at 9:30 we would have been caught in a heavy shower...

Fog finally cleared off the Brutal course near the end of the race, so the lovely views back over the hills from the top were replaced with misty (and dark if you checked the back of a camera and the light readings) eerie conditions to be wading across lakes and along ditches where you're not quite sure where it's all leading to making it all the more fun. Some would say they like a bit of rain, but those post race chilli from Tom just wouldn't be the same in the rain...in a field, surrounded by mud.

Either way, I know both race directors were rather pleased that the weather held off, as indeed were we - for two great events...

And so - to the galleries !

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Brutal Long Valley

Brooks Brighton 10k
Next Weekend
The Running Show

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Now, assuming you have looked at the survey - here's a couple of pictures for you from the weekends action ....

The Brooks Brighton 10k 2014

Over 3100 runners took a swipe at the new course - on the roads all the way - making it flatter and faster than ever before. And probably a bit safer without people walking about on the seafront pavements with their prams and dog leads...

John Pepper takes the side eye from left and right

Not taking it seriously almost cost him at a second at the start

The queue for the Steve Ovett Memorial toilets started to get out of hand

Time for a run !
It all looks so controlled

Second timing mat sorted out and on the way

He was just checking with the timing guys they get this

Good work into the finish
Famous bearded comedian

Infamous bearded friend Ed

Early leaders past the wheel

Often we just come to take landscape photos and the runners get in the way. What we call it when this happens is "Context".

Nothing quite like enjoying your running with friends

That's what 3200 people look like at the start of a race

Agent Smith gave Neo a head start, but was chasing him down

"I can't hear you I'm wearing headphones, but I'll look interested anyway, I'm sure it's important"

The joy of finishing !

7 Up. and you still don't get to see the team back in the office who turned around our 70,000+ images in 24hrs...

Brutal Long Valley 2014
It's a wet, hilly, sandy, muddy, not too boggy (comparing with others), festival of Brutality. The dogs did well too...
Ahh family sized bogs

Reduced to their hands and knees. Don't give up now !

Bailey had a good run

Almost at the top of the last hill !

tripping the light fantastic at the last bog

"really ? You know my feelings on this."

teamwork. Because someone has to keep their hands clean.

Sistine Chapel it's not, but you get the point

Ahh, spotted on the bank at last... Dave and his action man eagle eyes

See, not that deep...it was merely a shin wash

Double thumbs up at the end, so must have been good !!

Right that's it for this week, see you at the Running show, (you can do a 10k there on the sunday too) or at the Events to Live - Three Molehills on Sunday

Give the survey a visit and help us to help you ! http://bit.ly/search-box-survey

Until next time,

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