Tuesday 23 June 2015

Back 2 The Trenches - The Big Push 2015 - now live, and IOM Parish Walk via Pic2Go

Fun and dips at the big water slide

The fully searchable Gallery and Pictures from the Big Push are now live and online !

The IoM Parish Walk and Pic2Go
We also had the first use of the Pic2Go technology at the Isle of Man Parish walk - a very big event on the island with over 1500 entries taking part in various distances. Throughout the registration and walk itself a team of 7 local photographers used the Pic2Go technology combined with the Manx Telecom 4G service to take photos and send them direct to the participants live during the event from all around the Island's longest 85 mile course !

The event takes place over two days, through the night of the 20th and 21st of June - with this years winner completing the 85 miles in 14h:40m:08 - a new course record - I think some of the south-downs way ultra runners need to get themselves over to the IoM for a new challenge !!

Was the pic2go a success ? absolutely ! - after three days there have been over 1.1Million photo page views on Facebook, with the Manx Telecom race sponsor and event logo's on them - making them a great advert for their 4G services on the island, as well as a fantastic keep-sake for the competitors on the day. The good news is the sponsors have now booked Pic2Go for their next large event on the island - the Tough Mann

Race Gallery Link
B2TT The Big Push
The fully catalogued and searchable gallery is now live here:

The Manx Telecom IoM Parish Walk

Individual Photos of the Parish walk were available live during the event, direct to personal facebook accounts via Pic2Go and are still available here:

If you would like to buy the high resolution photos and prints and raise money for the race charities - they are available here http://bit.ly/IOMPW-photosales-2015

Perfect conditions for a bit of muddy obstacle racing around the hills of Redhill and Nutfield Priory, with the 6,12 or 18k laps to chose from there were plenty of challenges for everyone from lake crossings, cargo nets, splash slides and log crawls...  probably more fun for Fathers day than a trip to Thorpe Park ?

Searching for your photos
If you had a race number >10,000 - and you were wearing a number like 5025, then we may only have tagged you with the number we could see i.e. 5025 - so please have a search on that too...

Jen was all ready for the challenge

Jen, just checking that she took the right route. when she left the house.
"All going well, I think?"

Into the water, mind your nose, good thinking

Levitation achieved

yep - Probably should have held their nose

A man and his go-pro. Spot the problem.

If you rush about you don't get so much time on the obstacles

Maximum value achieved

Tries to remember why. Why ? WHY!!

allez oop - a helping hand. Sort of. Care for a quick Tango ?

If you can crack the "everything going to plan" look on the water exit, you're doing well

see - everything going to plan !

When everything doesn't go to plan...

You can do your best Predator Film impressions in the water

zehr gut

Log love

Man Down !

Don't fall asleep down there now...

quick crawl under the wire

Warm yourself up over the fire

 All in all a very successful day at the Priory Events site, hopefully some of you uses the discount code, apparently if you completed this one you have an email with a priority discount code for the next race on September the 20th.

Next weekend is back to busy with the:
Leeds Castle Triathlon in Kent, The
F3 Marlow River Sprint Tri, and the
Capital to Coast bike ride - from the heart of london at the Eye, all the way to the Coast at Hove lawns - with a choice of distances - and not as crazy busy as last weekends London2Brighton

after that and onto the start of July we have the saturday 4th
Brutal 10 Frith Hill
and then on the sunday 5th
Chichester Tri
Bewl 15
and 7Oaks Aquathlon

The RPAC Summer 10k on wednesday the July 8th

and then after that a couple of half marathons on the 12th July
The Surrey Badger Half Marathon at Dorking with Events to Live, including live Pic2Go images (so you'll get £19.99 worth of photos courtesy of the sponsor - Run to Live - during the race itself)
and then also the
High Wycombe Half marathon and 10k

So until next time, get your entries in to these great races and we will see you there !!


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