Thursday 20 April 2017

Folkestone 10, Grand Union Canal Half and HONC Ride 2017

The start of the Folkestone 10, in Hythe.

These three superb events were live very quickly, and we updated twitter @uksportphoto and our facebook page - so apologies for the Blog delay - it can take a lot of time to put the information, links and other data together in a readable format !(and those captions take a hell of a long time to write too)

Recent Galleries
Date Event Gallery page
Sun-09/04/2017 PP Grand Union Half
Sun-09/04/2017 HONC
Fri-14/04/2017 Folkestone 10

In fact all of April's Galleries are all here - with the latest races all loaded, and future races all there waiting for your lovely faces !

Proper Archives
You can always go back to any of the races from 2017, 2016 and most of 2015 on our new gallery here, including almost all the races from 10 years ago - 2007 and once you have figured out what your race number was - searching is easy !

Future races entries?
You can also see future races that we are covering in the months and weeks ahead on the gallery - so if you're thinking of entering an event - just go and take a look - we put the race entry website links in the info there too, as well as a bit of a list here for you:

Date Race or Ride Event Website
Sat-22/04/2017 Brutal Windmill Hill
Sun-23/04/2017 Southampton Half and Full Marathon and 10k
Sun-23/04/2017 REP Bluebell - Free race photos !!
Sun-30/04/2017 REP Steyning Tri - Free race photos !!
Sun-30/04/2017 Oswestry Half Marathon - Free live race photos with Pic2Go
Sun-30/04/2017 Ranelagh Half
Sun-30/04/2017 YMCA Fun Run
Sun-30/04/2017 3Forts
Mon-01/05/2017 Hart Tri
Sun-07/05/2017 7Oaks Tri - Free Race Photos
Wed-10/05/2017 Mundays 5k- Free Race Photos
Sat-13/05/2017 The Little Welly - Surrey
Sat-13/05/2017 London Revolution Ride Sat  - Free live ride photos with Pic2Go
Sun-14/05/2017 London Revolution Ride Sun - Free live ride photos with Pic2Go
Sun-14/05/2017 Oxford 10k
Sun-14/05/2017 EG Tri
Sun-14/05/2017 Kelly's Cycle Challenge - Free Race Photos
Sun-21/05/2017 REP Arundel Tri - Free Race Photos
Sun-21/05/2017 Fareham Tri
Sat-03/06/2017 AAT The Hurt 2

Do we do a good job ? (I'm hunting for that one quote for my year end review with the boss - well, not quite yet)

We regularly are invited back to cover races each year by race organisers, which is handy because that's important to how we feed our families. We like to think it's because we do a good job, but once you have taken the "that's a technically excellent photo of me" necessity out of what makes a good photography service we like to think it's these sort of things:

  • Galleries up quickly, which are easily searchable
  • Lots of photos from lots of locations around the course, at different angles (we usually take about 4-5 times as many photos as the other companies)
  • Great value collections of all your images in a choice of resolutions (which can be ordered online)
  • Choice of digital products from screen resolution available instantly to Original resolution finished carefully in photoshop and emailed to you
  • Fast and stable gallery that can cope with post-race visitor hits and demand 
  • Professional team on the day that gets involved with the event, and has multiple backup systems
  • Good project management in the back office, documentation and planning
  • Easily contactable (advertised landline phone number)
  • Technically good photos that you like - with timing and composition
  • Marketing and advertising of future races for entries
  • and of course our Pic2Go technology if sponsors want you to have your photos actually during the event
If you can think of what we do that makes our service one that we should be proud of - then reply to this blog and let me know ! (it will also cheer us up too).

Some pictures from the last three races then:

Always good to see a photobomb at the front of the field

All going ok, even with a tri belt

The long view along the front

so far so good

she's almost as big as his arms...

talking of big arms

borrow a friends arm

concentrating too much for arms

carry your friends over the line
 Meanwhile at HONC
up the hill

riding out

Take the corners at speed

some lovely countryside lanes and hedged paths

Big tyres downhill. At speed. Must check brakes...

Air was had.

a quick rinse instead of taking the bridge (in the background)

Along the hills

Leading the way across the bridge
 meanwhile at the purple patch Grand Union Canal half marathon, special spring addition with warmth and sun at a totally different angle to usual
Paced his friend around, but didn't want his time on powerof10 so took his chip off. Good of him to enter - many people we see don't think they need to when they are pacing their friends around races.

going strong

yes, he's from Dorking

All good at the finish

come on Mummy, you're late

Always good with a bit of bling

when the wind changes this will stick

Almost got the bunny ears in the right place

wired for sound

enjoying the river bank

The unknown photobomb wins again

You too should run along with this view

Just starting to get that mild sense of worry and anxiety for the rest of the week. Not because of the possibility of winning an award at the Running Awards (although thank you to whoever nominated me for the blog section, it turns out I have to know and get people to vote for me to even get into the second round, and it might have to be my full time occupation, like Zoella, or someone who's rumoured to be moving in nearby soon along with their 9 million followers, the neighbourhood is ruined I tell you), nor am I worried because they've never had a category for race or event photography, and neither am I worried for all the races we work with - because they are all fantastic anyway (that's why we work with them).
Am I worried about the London Marathon ? nope, not going to be there, what I am worried about is being at the Southampton Half, Full and 10k races - it's going to be massive, and amazing and if you want to see how busy it's going to be at the finish - then check out this race animation I've done
And I rightly get a bit nervous before the big and busy events ! It's good to have a bit of worry - then you check things - lots. With the added complexity of the marathon it's changed all the logistics from the last two years, plus we have a reversed and different route direction - so it's all as good as new again - another reason to be slightly concerned !! But I'm sure our teams experience will bring us through ok !
It's going to be a long day with 7 hours of continuous shooting - if you see our team (or me) frozen to the spot staring continuously down the camera into the distance without blinking a bit like a zombie - bring them coffee. Urgently. Thank you.

Until next time - very good luck to everyone at London too, and also to all the supporters at all the races - it's an absolute challenge to get around and support everyone. Sometimes it's best to just stick to one point where you can fetcheveryone to one place.


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