Tuesday 27 March 2018

Colchester Half 2018, Bolt for GUTS and Cranleigh 15-21 now live

The Colchester Half , Bolt and Cranleigh 15-21 race galleries are now live and online !

Probably the slowest 13.1 miles this Porsche has ever driven, but never mind !

After the last weekend of frozen weather it was nice to venture out into the daylight, blinking and not shivering for this weekends events without actually thinking about 24hr survival in the event of traffic gridlock. The annual pain of the clocks going forwards on what is our busy workday with early mornings is less than helpful - anyone fancy a 5am GMT lift to an event or indeed being my childcare and starting work then ? no, I thought not.

Finding childcare for early Sunday mornings has been one of the key operational challenges of growing this business, and I can't even put it on the company - where's the fairness in that eh ? (and they usually make more than a photographer would at the event - so where's the economic argument for event photography to be a worthwhile endeavour I hear you ask ? - I don't know - you've got me on that one...but might be why we can't cover small events that only need one photographer any more)
The start of the Bolt round the Holt with GUTS http://www.gutsfbc.co.uk/

The event galleries are listed here, and a few upcoming events we hope to see you at - checkout which ones have free photos too !

Date Event Event Gallery / Website
Sun-18/03/2018 Hastings Half Marathon https://sspimg.com/Hastings-Half-Gallery-2018
Sat-24/03/2018 Bolt round the Holt for GUTS - Free race downloads https://sspimg.com/Bolt-Round-the-Holt-2018-Gallery
Sun-25/03/2018 Colchester Half https://sspimg.com/Colchester-Half-2018-Gallery
Sun-25/03/2018 Cranleigh 15-21 https://sspimg.com/Cranleigh-15-21-2018-Gallery
Sun-01/04/2018 RBK Spring Half Marathon http://www.kingstonspringhalfmarathon.com/
Sun-08/04/2018 PP Grand Union Half http://www.purplepatchrunning.com/index.php/grand-union-canal-half-marathon-2
Sun-08/04/2018 Paddock Wood Half http://bit.ly/Paddock-Wood-Half
Sun-22/04/2018 REP Bluebell - Free Race Downloads http://rawenergypursuits.co.uk/?p=3938
Sun-22/04/2018 Southampton Marathon http://bit.ly/southampton-half
Sun-29/04/2018 7Oaks Tri - Free Race Downloads http://www.7oakstriclub.co.uk/our-events/triathlon
Sun-06/05/2018 3Forts Challenge http://bit.ly/3-Forts-Challenge
Sun-06/05/2018 YMCA Fun Run http://www.ymcaeastsurrey.org.uk/funrun/
Sun-06/05/2018 REP Steyning Tri - Free Race Downloads http://rawenergypursuits.co.uk/?p=3947
Wed-09/05/2018 Mundays 5k - Free Race Downloads http://mundays.co.uk/who-we-are/corporate-and-social-responsibility/princess-alice-hospice/charity-5k/
Sat-12/05/2018 The Little Welly - Surrey https://www.thelittlewelly.co.uk/
Sun-13/05/2018 Oxford 10k http://www.townandgown10k.com/oxford/
Sun-13/05/2018 Run Gatwick https://www.rungatwick.com/
Sun-13/05/2018 London 10 Mile - Free Race Downloads http://www.london10mile.com/

Free downloads
A few standard questions on the free race downloads - "how do I get my free photos?" - "there's watermarks all over them ?" Simple - click add to basket - on the top tabs of prints,products and downloads - select "downloads" - and then select the free one (at the top of the list) for free download !! because it's free you won't be asked for any transaction/payment - but the rest of the process is the same as normal ordering - so you get a download link by email, and it's also put into your downloads folder on your user account for 10 days.
If you forget within 10 days - just order the free ones again !
Didn't have a user account - then open one (with the same email address) and as if by magic - they will be in that user account for you.
Watermarks are only on the ones you see on the gallery - you've not downloaded them - the downloaded ones don't have watermarks on them, so please download them !

Full explains and help on collecting orders can be found in our handy "My Orders" page on the gallery - here
One final thing - phones and tablets don't really like downloads unless they are from an app or the app store, or you're running Windows mobile - so most of the time you will need a computer to download your images. (Sorry, but changing the world of mobile OS software policy is too much for us).
The last four of the OurAmy foundation with the rest of their team supporting behind them

Charity fundraising
One of the things that we sometimes see at events is significant teams fundraising for a local cause - and Colchester Half Marathon had a significant team out for the Our Amy foundation.
more information is here - https://ouramyfoundation.co.uk/mission/  - it's worth a look and a read - and if you do take a moment to share the lesson that Amy has for us, then it's probably worth making a donation to their charity.
Her sister, family and friends all ran and walked the Colchester Half 2018 a fantastic fundraising effort.

Bolt round the Holt for GUTS http://www.gutsfbc.co.uk/ - free race downloads

all six feet off the ground - flying

simply not pulling their weight and earning their rewards

surely just give the dog the relay baton ?

top photo jumping

Good running for a great cause

Great sponsor fundraising

The side effect of running for GUTS

The Boss man did 5k, good work !

get in !

It was at that moment it crossed Rory's mind to call in an airstrike

Always take your warm-down seriously. That's how you prevent injury. Watch and learn.

If you can run 21k dressed as a dinosaur, the world is your oyster.

The Cranleigh 15-21 miles

All go on the roads of Cranleigh for the start of the 15-21 miles

clearly early on in the race judging from the smiles

Ben clearly wasn't paying any attention to the banter from Woking AC

all going well past the waterstation

not raining, what's not to enjoy ?

Dab or just a bad Bolt ? or a completely wrong Mobot ? you decide

Double Bolt madness I tell you

brutally honest TShirt, but it seems right and they all seem happy enough

Colchester half Marathon 2018
0.2 miles left, and this is how it feels

nice water tower

Hello !

Almost at the end and the enjoyment is bottling up

Get your team photographer on the job for you

Nothing like a bit of teamwork

Essex Air Ambulance team makes it round together

this is an accurate depiction of how it feels to run a half marathon

he won the bet for wearing the unicorn shorts

when a start line looks like this - you know you're in for a good race

so that's that for this weekend - it's a quieter Easter than usual without the Folkestone 10 on our radar (although I think it's still going ahead if you're that way inclined on the Friday,) and the RBK Spring Half. If you fancy giving me a run for my money, I hope to be at the local Lewes 10k on Easter MONDAY [correction, Ed] - https://www.lewesac.co.uk/events/easter-fun-run at the very sensible time of 11am.
Goodness, I could even do a parkrun (if I wake up in time as there's no kids activities scheduled in) When will this madness end ?

Until next time - and good luck to all of you getting your last long runs in before Marathon taper (Brighton or London)...

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