Monday, 20 April 2020

Not the Brighton Marathon 2020 and not a lot of other races

Lockdown from the South Downs - do not cross the line !

So whilst I admit readily to having had a sunday lie-in, based on the fact I have to conserve energy as much as possible ready for whatever might be going to happen later in the year, I had missed three phonecalls and several whatsapp and text messages from a friend about his son Ben deciding he wasn't going to run the Brighton Marathon and raise money for the Martlets Hospice, and was scheduled to go past the end of my road. Alas, he had already done so once by the time I got the message, and then I had a good 2hrs to get ready for his coming past on the second lap - because he's about a 1hr50 half runner, but as my wife said "yeah but he always crashes at 20 miles"... not true this time.

So we thought we would be in plenty of time to get the cameras and team ready and socially distanced properly at the end of the road. As it turns out we made it to the end of our road with about 30 seconds to spare, which if my experience of getting to races normally - that's 29seconds too early, unless you're in good weather waiting for a sun tan. A quick glance into the sky and a judgement of the conditions and dialling +2/3 exposure compensation, and off we go, easy peasy. That means I managed to get about 30 shots of him, Sally about 10, and eldest daughter 3 shots. Youngest daughter was given the iphone to do video, and to be fair, she smashed that with excellent panning and framing !

So the full gallery was put live and an update put onto facebook here:
And I've put a load of previously unpublished Brighton 2010 photos on the facebook posts just to give it a flavour of what the first ever Brighton Marathon looked like - tag yourself or your friends if you see anyone on there !

So, that's the work done for this month. Raise a cheer for Ben and help him raise some money for Martlets Hospice, especially as he's an NHS future doctor doing his bit to help !

Other things to do during this lockdown living - I was wondering how to get people to do things as a collective theme of inclusion. I mean there's the "challenge" to "flood" facebook with running photos - which is great ! I love looking at them and seeing our work helping to bring that happy feeling, just none of those ones with copyright written all across it please ! It's great to see so many shots we have taken going up, and of course very ironic when friends who we have taken photos of for literally - decades - puts up a photo we didn't take, and he's also stationary after the race finish funnel. I've told him I hate him. He knows it to be true. Please do flood your facebook feed with the photos from the past that you have of your running ! There's the 20 year old challenge too, but well, no. My line is digital cameras wern't about 30 years ago and I'm sticking to it, I'm sure my neg scanner is no longer compatable with windows 10 or somthing like that.

Online Challenge ?!!?
So - without challenging you like all the new and growing exponents of free and paid for online bullying would have you shred yourselves into infintessimal drops of sweat all over your now spotless and redecorated and tidier lounge (yes Joe Wickes, I'm looking at you), without trying to make you do something overly energetic or actually a whole lot more than the lot more you're doing already - I thought - well we are a photography running club after all - so please - join us on Strava - on our new photo challenges - to be taken whilst out running, cycling, or excercising the small hobbits!

The SSP Strava Photo Challenge
This week - it's yellow flowers - so see if you have any on your route and then when you look at the SSP Strava club recent activity feed - we can all see the different yellow flowers out there !!

You are all free to join us on the strava club, don't know what next weeks challenge will be - possibly animals or road signs, or something inanimate... just join us and see if you can stop Dave from winning the weekly activity list at the very least.

in the meantime...

Archives! archives !, they've all got archives !
So far we have managed to dig the 2013 January to June archives onto the internet, and have just dragged July to December kicking and screaming onto the better Network drive (one that actually works faster than 2MB per hour). To be fair it was 2TB of data, so this week we will be preparing and uploading it onto the online gallery.
If you want to see what's there already - go to the 2013 gallery here:

How to find yourself during this time of lockdown 
And by that I don't mean your inner concience, because I know that could take all day and we don't have all day do we !!! [Ed: yes we do!]. I mean your race results and race number.

The first challenge is of course to remember what races you did in 2013 ?
well step one - search for yourself on run britain rankings
this should list all the races that submitted results you were in to them. Trouble is, they don't all do that. (For example I ran the Surrey half in 2018, but it doesn't show that because I wasn't in the first 1500)...
Strava is another good place to remind yourself if you ran in a race, although 2013 - there wasn't a whole lot of hot strava action going on back then...

So, you can remember you ran in a race... find the race and the results:
Next thing is to see if your race results were listed on run britain - here's an example - and see how I've put the "*" on the end of the search term so it brings up all the results - and of course - see the date range I've set:*

Once you click through onto the year you want - you then have to navigate to the race results website and find your race number on there for that particular year.

Of course - if you remember the race - you might have a chance to google the race website and see if they still have a link to the results - works quite well.

Alternatively - try your favourite race results websites and see if they allow you to search by your name to see if they have a list of you at the races they timed:

Try some of these and any that I've forgotten !

And then voila! You have your race number, go to the gallery, find the race and search away !!
To be honest, it might be easier just to browse through the gallery for a race you were at, until you find a shot of yourself and see your race number and just stick that into the search box for the race instead...

So until next time, enjoy the browsing, tag yourself on anything we put on facebook with you on and please share it to your friends because we like a bit of hot sharing action during this lockdown...

And here's a few other pictures from the 2010 Brighton Marathon you never saw back then...

Safety tape - mind the post box !

Tuff fitty as usual going the wrong way...

Cara, probably doesn't even read this blog, will harass her on Facebook instead...

Fetcheveryone to the Max...

Local Legend from Henfield Joggers

Me at work, sat in the boot designed for a small terrier... spacious my arS*

Haven't seen Ryan for a while, wonder where he got to ?

Me, fleet of foot heading to the finish out of the lead car - you can just see the car clock in the background

Proof that I was the first ever person to complete the whole Brighton Marathon course and cross the finish line !!!

Eva did a marathon row and then ran in to the finish to get her medal...

cheeky minx back then !

Brighton on a nice sunday in 2010 before social distancing was a thing, the crowd forced the runners to meander around them and couldn't run straight to the finish !

Steve Ovett remembers it well

and Cathy won something again !!

Until next time ! keep the lockdown madness at bay and stay safe! Anthony

And next here's a strava widget that won't work in your email...

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