Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Three Forts Challenge 2022 - free download gallery now ready


It's on top of the world ! just 2 miles and you're up at the first of the 3 Forts

Just the Three Forts Challenge for us this past weekend with the half and full (technically an Ultra) Marathons setting off from the fields as a mass start this year instead of the covid friendly gentle starts - but no worries - with the first two miles of uphill separating the field gently enough !

The gallery with the free downloads is here: http://sspimg.com/3Forts-Challenge-2022-Gallery if you haven't visited it - but downloads so far suggest that everyone has !

The weather held off, despite the rain radar signalling doom from about 11:30am, it never quite fully transpired - although I'm accurately informed that it rained really badly in Southsea all day, so it ended up being the perfect of coolest days for running around the south downs.

Congratulations to Mike Airey and his team from the Rotary on pulling together another fantastic event, with expert help from the Raynet team to ensure we knew where everyone had got to around the course in good time. The race website is here https://www.threefortschallenge.org.uk/

The calendar of future events is here https://sussexsportphotography.blogspot.com/p/calendar-of-events.html with a special shout out to the Hampshire Hoppit - https://hampshiretrailmarathon.co.uk/ - because if you loved the 3Forts, you'll also love the HH. Half and Full distances available.

That first bit of running on a flat bit. Yes that's the view.

Ah, the joys of downhill from Cissbury

no surrender quite yet

flying along

all a bit of a surprise

Be happy on world happiness day with Debbie !

The hedge has grown over the years. Cissbury ring hill fort is behind it. Honest. It's a great view.

Will Run for views

The view is *this wide*

They kept in step the whole way around

Coming down off Truleigh Hill for the Marathon, you can see the curve of the earth its so big.

you get a feel for the hill - it's a big'un

Up the top at Chanctonbury - always a victory

she counted ten cows on the course

The aerials of Truleigh hill in the background

seconds after a waterstop and Portslade Hedgehoppers move out in formation

Concentratey face for the win - the last uphill

run like a leopard

"is it really you ?". No.

Patch had stopped pulling miles ago. He was forming letters to his solicitor in his dog brain.
Like "woof ! ".

These two were not bored waiting at the finish. Lots to do and concentrate on.

When the little people in the background try to keep up

nice and smooth into the finish

Suitably satisfied with a job well done

pushing it faster into the finish to be sure

Sums up the fun of Trail running - have fun and a lovely morning out

So that's about it for this week. You're too late to enter the Scottish UltraX next weekend, and you're probably too late to start a training plan for 75km Saturday and a 50k Sunday along Loch Ness anyway !! Free photos as live during the event as possible for the middle of nowhere near a phone data signal... but free nonetheless.

Unfortunately we are not at the Oxford10k for Muscular Dystrophy on Sunday - but if you want to raise some money without being there for them - I can recommend these leggings - because 20% goes to them - https://www.tikiboo.co.uk/collections/leggings/products/musclesmatter-leggings - and in the history of running with funky leggings I have never *NEVER* had so many positive comments about my leggings from both men and women, so give them a whirl.

So - have a great weekend whatever you are up to , and until next time


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