Monday 13 March 2023

2023 Brentwood Half Marathon Gallery now live - and a few others...

Apologies - it's been a while and then four large busses have come along at once. It's been busy, and yes, it's been emotional. I really ought to get more sleep.

Most important headline today - the Brentwood Half Marathon Gallery is now live !

Everyone was ready for the start of the Brentwood Half marathon 2023.

The four most recent events galleries are online here - all with free race downloads, searchable by race number - with the excellent upgrades available, or get those prints to make those memories massive !

Keeping things simple - here's a few photos to remind you of the fun in no particular event order - some with captions some not... because that's how I rock these days. 

The English National Cross Country Championships 2023

The Cambridge Half Marathon 2023

The Steyning Stinger - Sussex, 2023

The Brentwood Half Marathon 2023
Hello Paul ! -  I've told you for decades - Tri-Belts don't work.  LOOK ! (this explains the demise of triathlon in my opinion - nobody can find their race photos to promote the sport !)
Elvis has left the race course

One Han Solo

Han not so solo

A MAGA hat in Brentwood  ?



Tasty race time ?

Concentraty face

2 miles in but still smiling !

Sometimes we spot the double thumbsup...sticky out tongue

Man versus white goods. A tale of the centuries...

Chewbacca Wookie ?

Last Corner chicanery

Lovin' it

go go go go !!

we all like a bit of a surprise - hair-raising

So, the main thing is you're all loving the free downloads. 

We have had over 5million image views at the Cambridge Half (and still climbing) because we sent everything out live on the day to over 11,000 participants. All those images had sponsor branding on them... so if you think you would like an easy way to get your sponsor branding front and (slightly off-) centre across runners, their friends and family - in a fast and Environmentally green way - then please get in touch and ask about the Technology service !

Until next time, I hope the training keeps going well, keep warm, and see you at Southampton Half Full 10k etc

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