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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bexhill Triathlon 2011

The Team Lifestyle Bexhill Triathlon gallery is now live and online here:

The provisional main results are now out here.

Babysitter blues
A small panic set in here when the babysitter didn't turn up at 7am due to food poisoning, with agent Sally dispatched earlier to Bexhill, I was left with two small children and the challenge of getting to the Arundel 10k on time. The three options included one which would have left just Mick to cover the Tri on his own - which would have led to no bike coverage of the race. Fortunately option one delivered and the neighbours brought his (similar aged) kids over to babysit (at 7:20am - what a star), and Sally swapped places with Mick to cover just the bikes and get back home sooner. I did check when I got back that it wasn't a ruse to ensure she was home in time to watch Mo Farrah in the World Athletic Championships going for gold in the 10k final, or Mr Bolt shut prematurely - and it wasn't. Thank goodness for C4+1 and watching it all a little bit later !

Sea Swimming
Taking pictures of people wearing head to toe black, with a backlit sea and sun is one of the hardest things you can try to do in sport photography, especially when the sun is ducking in and out of the clouds and you're trying to get everyone. Auto exposure metering doesn't work a whole load so it's a hard job to get right. Mick did a pretty good job of the surf shots - but unfortunately all the numbering is covered up, so you'll have to browse through the folders, or search on wave1, wave2 or wave3.

Good to see the regulars out on the course, including Mr Dixon as ever and Miss Grice leading the mens and womens races from the front as business as usual.
That scratchy back moment

angry with his swim, The Hulk grew and his wetsuit exploded, ripping from his torso

Always run safe

Yvette stays on her toes into the finish

great finish wave to the family

Getting a grip on the bike

Mr Dixon holds the pose on the return leg
Well done to Paul and Greg and the Team Lifestyle crew on running another great event, looking forwards already to their planning for the Sussex Marathon next year.

Three big events next weekend, The Newbury Triathlon, The Events to Live Spitfire 10 and Tempest 20 (entries available), and the inaugural Maidenhead Half Marathon with Purple Patch. It's going to be a busy one, and so begins the Autumn running season. Good luck everyone - whatever your goals for this side of summer.

Until next time

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Monday, 29 August 2011

Arundel Castle 10k 2011

The Arundel Castle 10k 2011Free download images are now available for viewing and downloading from the gallery here:

Race Results:

When I start complaining about too much sun you know I'm being a fussy so-and-so, but that's what it was like at Arundel on Sunday for the annual Scouts organised Arundel Castle 10k run - the only chance each year you get to go into the inner quad of the castle itself. Perfect running weather for a zoom around the downs and a quick tour of the castle grounds !

Local Chichester runner James Baker won (again) this year - although he did mention that he was slower than previous years, perhaps he runs better in the pouring rain ? Whilst it's harder to get the exposure right - I'd rather it was sunny all the same.

Lots of crowds as ever filled the town centre for the finish straight and the last gasp sprint up the small hill, although I noted the absence of the face in the window above the shops that I've seen for the past four years.

So, remember pictures are free to download and use as you like for personal use only - so don't go giving them to Runners World, them boys have to pay, but you lovely people can publish them on facebook, twitter or whatever the recent most popular in thing is that photos get put on, even Flickr. Enjoy.

backlit, and thumbs up at 1k

competitive sprinting at the finish

Graham is stalking me I'm sure - two days two races

next magazine cover photo ?

blowing me kisses gets your photo in the blog

The legend that is Jacko gives it everything

James Baker with his Mum, so now you know - it's her fault he beats you

Our very own  - last of the summer wine

The Castle keep from the inside
Gallery live here:

until next time (soon),  go carefully.

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Hard as Snails 2011 now live

Free download pictures from the 2011 Hard as Snails race are now available to view, download and share here:

Results are here:

On what can only be described as perfect conditions until about 10 minutes after the last finisher, blue skies, no wind, and plenty of hills made up the course for the third running of the Hard as Snails 10k race in aid of the Surrey Wildlife Trust.

280 brave souls took to the hills along the Pilgrim way south of Guildford as a way to enjoy the Saturday morning - one even on his birthday (I guess he could go large at the brunch afterwards - guilt free).

First prize overall went to Katie Hewison in 37:43, beating the first man Deon Coetzee 39:26 by almost two minutes... watch out 10k runners in Surrey - you're in for one hell of a beating.

Katie Hewison - first up to St.Marys, the rest straggling behind

Camera shy

Enjoying the run with friends

they hugged all the way round

Talk to the hand

If you're going to rest, do it with style

Happy Birthday !!

First back - Katie destroyed the competiton

The Hills are alive....
Enjoy the gallery, download them, share them on facebook and twitter and tell everyone just how damn awesome you were !

until next time - which will be quite soon...

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Friday, 26 August 2011

Big South Swim - live online

Just a quick note to add that the Big South Swim photo gallery is live and online here:

Sorry I didn't post it earlier, but hope you have a good chance to go through the gallery and see yourselves. 
You should have had an email from the organisers with the link above so hopefully you all know, but I'm always left off these emails as I'm not a competitor so I never really know what's been said !

Enjoy !

Three races this weekend, so  a busy one here, two with free downloads the Hard As Snails 10k on Saturday near Guildford, the Arundel 10k on Sunday and normal service resuming at the Bexhill Triathlon on Sunday too.

Until next time,

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

F3 Dorney Tri and Ringmer Triathlon 2011 now live

The F3 Dorney Lake Triathlons and the Ringmer Triathlons are now live and online:

F3 Events - Dorney Lake Pennymatters triathlons:

Ringmer Triathlon:

Saturday saw the annual triathlon at Dorney lake organised by F3 Events, this year sponsored by Pennymatters.
With the weather holding out as dry through all the morning races, it was a bizzare twist of fate to meet two people I was at College with, one competing and one supporting. It was also a great event without too much wind - so often the curse of Dorney making the bike laps seem like an age.

Firstly I was pleased to see Andy Tarry win the standard distance race, last time I think we chatted was about 20 years ago when we graduated in engineering, so the few short hellos when he crossed the line over 6 minutes ahead of everyone else was a good reminder of his pedigree... he always was a fast bstad.

Second person to meet was one of those awkward "this might seem like a strange questions but..." however it was very relieving when she then interrupted with "yes, Loughborough 1989-1991, Rutherford hall - best friend of ..." and apart from talking to her 4yr old it was almost like yesterday. 
Anyway it was lovely to be able to mix business with pleasure and catch up, it's not often friends from 20 years ago walk into the office!

Anyway the weather was good and the running and racing excellent - so have a look at the gallery to see how awesome everyone was, or in fact how awesome you were.

Sunday saw the Ringmer Triathlon organised by GP.Triathlon at Ringmer Community College. A great local event often well supported by the sussex triathlon crowd. As a sprint tri and novice tri the pool based format makes for a great way to start into triathlon, as well as the two lap bike course and run course make it good for spectators and supporters alike. Well done to Helen and Paul for putting on another great event - the gallery is ready for everyone to check out how it went.

Start of the Standard Tri - near the new bridge

Andy felt bad with his 7.5 minute lead after the swim

Dorney lake makes for great mass start races

Do it with style

Shame no helmet number on the front, so no idea who this is, but great riding though. Will be under 000.

Sevenoaks Tri give it large

to wave or not to wave, that is the question

Andy strolled in at the finish

Great racing all the way in

 GP triathlon, Ringmer:
Tight racing out of T1 onto the bike course

That moment you realise the helmet is on backwards

Local celebrity Jack Nicholson
Later that evening

Airplanes ! :-)

Good running on the finish lap in the event T-shirt

So go to the galleries to check out your awesomeness and get yours to keep for laters when you need it:

F3 Events - Dorney Lake Pennymatters triathlons:

Ringmer Triathlon:

So until next time, (the F3 Big South Swim photos should be up tomorrow)


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