Monday 29 August 2011

Hard as Snails 2011 now live

Free download pictures from the 2011 Hard as Snails race are now available to view, download and share here:

Results are here:

On what can only be described as perfect conditions until about 10 minutes after the last finisher, blue skies, no wind, and plenty of hills made up the course for the third running of the Hard as Snails 10k race in aid of the Surrey Wildlife Trust.

280 brave souls took to the hills along the Pilgrim way south of Guildford as a way to enjoy the Saturday morning - one even on his birthday (I guess he could go large at the brunch afterwards - guilt free).

First prize overall went to Katie Hewison in 37:43, beating the first man Deon Coetzee 39:26 by almost two minutes... watch out 10k runners in Surrey - you're in for one hell of a beating.

Katie Hewison - first up to St.Marys, the rest straggling behind

Camera shy

Enjoying the run with friends

they hugged all the way round

Talk to the hand

If you're going to rest, do it with style

Happy Birthday !!

First back - Katie destroyed the competiton

The Hills are alive....
Enjoy the gallery, download them, share them on facebook and twitter and tell everyone just how damn awesome you were !

until next time - which will be quite soon...

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