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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Brutal 10 race 1, 2011 now live

The gallery for the Brutal 10 is now live and on line here:

As I'm writing this sat in bed at a B&B in Abingdon (the Abbey if you want to know) not sleeping as I should be in preparation for coverage of tomorrows Abingdon Marthon, you'll forgive me for keeping things brief (you're probably thanking me).

To be honest there wasn't a great number of competitors at this first Brutal, but the quality was high and in temperatures indicated as 2C when I was driving there, I can't blame them. In the words of one competitor - it was too cold for racing, but her excuse was she had just been doing a triathlon in Vegas, where it's a bit warmer. Welcome to Longmore ! (Woolmer actually) and it's supposed to be cold - it's a Brutal run, and the patches of frost on the tussocks of heather out on the course showed it.

I will only tease you with two images from the gallery as I'm remote from the office and I've plucked them off the server. Suffice to say it's always cleaner to be the first person through a ditch of muddy water, and it smells less. The benefits of being in the lead are numerous, almost worth all the hard training !

If you have to walk in a bog, be the first to do it

Running was easy, if you could find flat ground

Well done to everyone who made the effort to get up and out on Saturday to the Brutal. I strongly recommend the events - expertly organised, safe (yet crazy), very well marked courses (it took them 6 hrs to put up all the signs on friday!), always good parking and facilities, and the Currywurst sausages from Tom in the catering van are to die for.
Go here for more information on the next two races in the series -

Gallery housekeeping
On other notes - if you find that your image has been captioned "archive flagged" as well as showing the race number, please be aware that it can be removed at any time, and usually within 48hrs at the latest, so don't miss out as these images are deleted permanently from the gallery.

Right, I'd better get some sleep before having to do 6hrs continuous work at the pointy end of the camera for the marathon. Good luck to everyone at Abingdon if you've read this before the race, I look forwards to seeing you all at the finish (and around the course too). The weather forecast is perfect for marathoning...

until next time

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