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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

AAT-G3 race 2 and Deal Half marathon 2014 now live

Almost another wet weekend !

If you didn't go to Wokingham (Cancelled due to heavy flooding), and you were quick enough - then you wouldn't have got wet this weekend at the races. You might have woken up at 6am on Saturday and decided against it, but at the moment 2 hours is a long time in this weather and with the wind howling along as it has been - then by the time race start hit - every race was running about in good conditions (except the mud and puddles).
Well done to all the event directors, marshals, timing teams and volunteers that kept it all together, signed and watered the courses and looked after everyone. Special thanks to the water station marshals who gave me the two mile lift back in at Deal !

As it goes on with the bad weather - our thoughts are with those suffering from flooding, some of the Datchet Dashers at the Deal Half no doubt know some people caught up in it all - and I hope you are coping ok.

All go at the start of the runnersneed G3 #2

Race name and Logo Gallery Link

Free race downloads

Deal Half Marathon

Here's the latest list of races now live and also available for entries that we are covering:

Call for entries and new galleries in 2014Race Entry links and gallery links for selected races:

JAN 2014
1st Wednesday - Serpentine NYD 10kGallery here -
5th Sun - Sussex XC Champs @BexhillGallery here -
18th Sat - G3#1 - GuildfordGallery here - free race gallery downloads
19th Sun - Fred Hughes 10milesGallery here -
25th Sat - SEAA XC Champs Parliament HillGallery here -
26th Sun - Epsom PerchGallery here:
26th Sun - Canterbury 10Gallery here:
26th Sun - Thetford MTB3Gallery here:
FEB 2013
2nd Sun - Watford Half
2nd Sun - Ashford and District 10k
2nd Sun - ETL Bookham 10k
9th Sat - G3#2 - Guildfordfree race gallery downloads
9th Sun - Deal Half Marathon
15th Sat - Brutal - Windmill Hill
16th Sun - (Brighton Half Marathon)(we're not covering this one, but some of us are running in it !)
23rd Sun - Hampton Court Half Marathon
23rd Sun - Pewsey Terminator
MARCH 2014
Sat 1st - G3#3 - Guildfordfree race gallery downloads
Sat 1st and 2nd - The Nuts Challenge 
Sun 2nd - Berkhampstead Half Marathon
Sun 2nd - Steyning Stinger
free race gallery downloads
Sun 9th - Roding Valley Half Marathon
Sun 9th - Surrey Half Marathon
Sun 9th - Lydd Half Marathon
Sat 15th - Brutal Bordon
Sat 15th - F3 Dorney Half Marathon
Sun 16th - Colchester Half Marathon
Sun 16th - ETL Tempest 10 and Spitfire 20
Sun 16th - Cranleigh 15-21
Sun 23rd - Richmond 13.1 and 10k
Sun 23rd - Back 2 the Trenches #1
Sun 23rd - PP Water of Life Half Marathon
Sun 23rd - Brentwood Half Marathon (sold out)
Sun 30th - Warrior Run #1
Sun 30th - Paddock Wood Half Marathon
Sun 30th - BHF Bournemouth Half Marathon

more to follow...

The runnersneed G3#2 - 10k of hilly trail running over the North Downs and Pilgrims way.

All going well at 4k on the G3 past the Pillbox

Chap-hop around the course

Tish took a look at the course for fun, she didn't give herself much time

A few wild deer were seen across the course

Matching hats and having a good laugh all round the course

Broken by the last hill ? St.Marthas watches from the background

Flying up that last climb for the time trial

it wasn't too bad in the light rain

OK it was quite bad in the heavy rain at the end. I say Rain, I meant hail.
Meanwhile over at Deal, there was big skies and blue with a bit of white cloud. Oh and wind. Lots of it.
Strong Running from Dan to win the vets

all good at formation running at the 3 mile mark

It was emotional. Or was it just windy ?

Far too controlled and enjoying himself !

big skies, and big smiles from this lot - chatting away !

Antony Jackson for the win in 1:13:07 - finished 6 minutes ahead of the next runner - yes - that's over a mile ahead. 
Andrew however had more fun than Antony (by the look of it....)

Good work at the 11 mile mark - watch out for the blind corner for oncoming cars

A great team at the finish from Deal Tri - marshalling at the end.
Well done everyone for getting out and about for the races, braving the weather forecasts and ending up winners on the day. It's a Brutal race for us next weekend, and a couple of the team are actually running in the Brighton Half marathon (good luck to Ben and Sally) - so depending on the weather I might take a few snaps if I see any familiar faces and don't have to look after the kids on my own all the time.

Finally, I always like to share blogs from you guys who are out there doing it, so here's something worth a little read:

Until next time, train well,

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