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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Cambridge Town and Gown 10k and Abingdon Marathon 2019

Abingdon marathon at the get go !
It's been the flat weekender. The flattest inland 10k we know at Cambridge, along with the flattest UK Marathon that we know at Abingdon - (the Manchester marathon has a railway bridge that makes it a fraction hillier !). About time to remind ourselves of a classic bit of advertising - Flat Eric is the song -  (this is the actual song used in the advert - )

Both events had perfect weather conditions - although the northerly breeze picked up on the marathon course for the return leg - making it a bit of a headwind for the latter part - not what you need !

Temperatures have certainly dropped over the last two weekends - we're now into single figures for the sunday mornings with Beachy Head next saturday being around 5degC, and a bit colder on the top of the cliffs - but at least that's going to be a homeward bound westerly to help runners on their way home.

In the meantime I found this fantastic pacing website - which is what the internet is really for - good useful information well set out -

Past events and future events

Date Event Free Images Gallery or website results website
Sun-06/10/2019 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon
Sun-06/10/2019 Clarendon Marathon Free images with
Sun-06/10/2019 Chichester Half
Sun-06/10/2019 Basingstoke Half Free images with
Sun-13/10/2019 Herts 10k
Sun-20/10/2019 Newton Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Sun-20/10/2019 Abingdon marathon
- - - -
- Future events - -
Sat-26/10/2019 Beachy Head
Sun-03/11/2019 LBVCR
Sun-10/11/2019 PP Grand Union Half
Sat-16/11/2019 Brutal Spider Hill
Sun-17/11/2019 Fulham 10k Free downloads
Sun-17/11/2019 Brighton 10k
Sun-08/12/2019 Seaford Mince Pie

Abingdon Marathon 2019

The start and it's all smiles

It's the 2hr peleton effort - ended up at 2:29

It's a Monty Python / Benny Hill mash-up

hiya !

getting fit for christmas

teamwork running through the town

it's only a few miles in, this is easy...

all along the river

a passing resemblance to Chryssie Wellington, but happier

I don't think he carried the child the whole way ?

nobody pushed her

Neil channels the hulk

5yrs later. yeah Mum, I remember it well...
The Newton Cambridge Town and Gown 10k 2019

Ingrid ready and waiting on Kings Parade - top tourist spot in cambridge

Top team effort from Cambridge & Coleridge AC pacing out at the front

Renegade master (of the ill behaviour?)

Scenic. We also had the choice of Kings singing in the background

Levitation at Jesus green

putting down the pace on a typical cambridge town road

top fundraising running team

It's a nice run along the river Cam too

That face when your chip time ends up at 30:00 dead

taste the finish, but he really wanted to go to Midsummer House to try the tating menu there...
 So, without going down the political wonderland that is brexit, I'll leave you to consider us on the top of Beachy Head this saturday - hopefuly not freezing to death and the start of half term.
In other news my Haloween Costume components are in the post (got invited to a fancy dress party), so there's no looking back from here...

Until next time, train safe, keep warm, and make sure you have lots of bright kit for winter.
These are a bit sweaty - but you simply cannot beat them for safety for night running - I get nothing back from this link except a sense of duty fulfilled and when I wear mine - a lot of positive comments as to how good they are. (Womens cut are also available with other bits like breathing zips etc - have a browse under womens Hi-viz).

Until next time

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