Monday, 11 November 2019

The Beachy Head Marathon, Veteran Car Run and Grand Union Canal Half 2019 Galleries are live

The Start of the Beachy Head Marathon 2019
As the clocks go back and autumn starts to set in we get a few more chilly mornings, and a ton of rain. Thank fully not on race days and not as bad as Sheffield and the north has suffered - I hope they are coping. We had near perfect conditions for most of the Beachy Head Marathon - until about 3:30pm when it started to lash it down with the gusting wind making it impossible to continue on top of the Head, astonishingly good conditions for the 320 cars that completed the Veteran Car Run at the start of the month, and very pleasant conditions indeed - if a little muddy - for the Grand Union Canal Half Marathon yesterday.

Here's a list of past, future Events, Galleries, Entry Websites and results for you - you should be able to find what you're looking for pretty easily here !

Date Event Free Gallery Gallery / Event Website Results
Sun-06/10/2019 Chichester Half
Sun-06/10/2019 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon
Sun-06/10/2019 Basingstoke Half Free Photos
Sun-06/10/2019 Clarendon Marathon Free Photos
Sun-13/10/2019 Herts 10k
Sun-20/10/2019 Abingdon marathon
Sun-20/10/2019 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Sat-26/10/2019 Beachy Head
Sun-03/11/2019 LBVCR 320 finishers
Sun-10/11/2019 PP Grand Union Half
Future events Race Entry Pages
Sat-16/11/2019 Brutal Spider Hill
Sun-17/11/2019 Fulham Adidas 10k Free Photos
Sun-17/11/2019 Brighton 10k
Sun-08/12/2019 Seaford Mince Pie
Sat-28/12/2019 Brutal Longmoor

Here's some pictures from the recent events for you to enjoy !

First up Beachy Head Marathon and 10k - loads to choose from here...
Made the top of the hill !

Always good to see a colleague out enjoying her run

Nuns on the Run

That view from the top - into a gale force headwind

Seaford Head and Belle Tout Lighthouse with Birling Gap between and the Seven Sisters

Excellent choice of neckware

Too much energy left at this point 

So, who's idea was this ?

That feeling when you're winning !

Keep Calm and carry on ?

How to enhance your friends race photos

able demonstration on how to, how not to, and how not to - wear your race number. Just as well she didn't use the baggage tag in the middle...

Giant dogs and tiny people. Close, and Far away. #fatherTed

We see some weird stuff out at races. This is not photoshopped.

cruising along on the top near the Long Man of Jevington

When the photographer has the right view.

Look - its a horse !

Hero T-Shirt

Motivation T-Shirt

The slight course chainge for the floodplains worked out ok

Enjoying the finish

Saves putting on the SAS eyes watermark

Feel the fun of this moment

For the win ! and for completing a race with three arms

Mark has seen it all before #experienced

So, there's five people in this shot at night. Odds on which one won't get run over when running in winter. Get a 360 reflective coat - please please please !!  (I get no benefit from this apart from seeing you alive at the next race). This is the better jacket - 

Run like you're being hunted ?

We then had the Vetran Car Run, the first weekend after Halloween 
All the colour and excitement of the finish

Alan Titmarsh managed a drive down

plenty of crowds at the seafront on a sunny day

The Steamer made it down around 3pm - much earlier than usual

Enjoying the ride more than one of their passengers

Brighton Mayor and Green MEP Alexandra Phillips braved a front seat ride

Worth the effort

Still think of John Noakes up the top of that column for Blue Peter #brave

The Purple Patch Grand Union canal half marathon - Autumn edition - just look at the colours !

Strong running at the front

good push up the hill (bridge)

He's not attached to the flag

Good running into the finish

camoflaged in the autumn colours

Running with friends is a great way to make memories and cement relationships

Never lose

Good High-Five supporting

Always wear the most colourful clothing

Sparkly tu-tu matches my Nails (more on that later)

Big skies and no surrender

A quiet thumbs up, all good

Good to see the Comets out, and a barge on the canal

As a bit of an overun from my Halloween costume as Dr Frankenfurter (no photos of *that* being released here...but we (I include my makeup and wig artist Fran here) did win the competiton) - I'm trying to raise some sponsorship for The Sussex Beacon (the charity that runs the Brighton Half Marathon)  - by keeping these nails on throughout November.

"Easy" you say ! "not so easy" I point out - the villification and stigmatism being thrown at me by some people I thought were a bit more broadminded of life has frankly been a surprise and a shock for 2019. Granted I've also had a lot of support, surprised laughs and encouragement - So all that has spurred me on even more to make it to the end of November with these on and to soak up the negativity, but also to point out the fantastic work that the Sussex Beacon do - and they need your money to continue as the only UK care facility for peole with HIV - so please - donate here -

Nailvember at the Veteran Car Run

Nailvember at the Grand Union Canal Half
And two things - yes - I know my hands look a bit feminine for a bloke - the observant will see that I took the hair off (both sides including palms) for the fancy dress, and I've got quite skinny fingers anyway (well when the arthristis doesn't swell them up), and Secondly - if you're interested they are Gels, Blackberry Blush with a red glitter top coat, and thirdly - my hands still seem to be able to do things like use a hammer, drill, lift a pint, and unscrew jar lids.

So - Please donate to to make me continue putting up with the stereotypical judgement, blinkered opinions and fear that I can only imagine that some people have to go through on a daily basis. This isn't just a fun thing - the physchological abuse I'm getting is certainly not fun - this is a challenge ! Have a think of how it would be for you - and then donate some money to a great cause -

You'll also be glad I've not mentioned Brexit or the General Election so far in the blog, just sponsor me and I won't have to next week... Thank you in advance. How much would you sponsor me to not talk about it ?

Until next time, and train safe in the dark,

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