Saturday 23 April 2011

Folkestone 10 - now live

The gallery from today's Folkestone 10 is now live and online here for viewing and ordering:

Race results and the event website are here:

Taking a road trip on a Bank Holiday Friday down past the Ashford Channel Tunnel crossing and also going towards Dover and the Ferries, the only thing that went through my head was - please - no french ferry strikes.
I usually leave on time to get to an event with about an hour to go before it starts - this is for two reasons - 1. Parking and 2. Checking in with the Race Director. and also possibly (as happened once before on the M25) 3. Motorway closures (air ambulance meant I was trapped on the way to Winchester for 30 minutes).

Arriving with 50 minutes to go, the plan worked out as Sally to cover the start and finish, and I'd drive out to the course turn point at Folkestone. A quick check in with the Race Director John, was a good idea - a course change meant it didn't go over the bridge in the gardens but along the seafront. So I planned to put myself just here, on a spot where it opened out enough to give plenty of passing place on both sides, and a nice background of the harbour.

A quick whizz round the car park with our new fliers, a brief and cheery hello to a lot of familiar and new faces (hello Maidstone, Burgess Hill, Stragglers, Deal, Paddock Wood to name but a few), and then with 10 minutes to go I hot footed it off in the car to the nearest Parking out on the course for the turn.

The Activ Bike Marshals were ready at the head of the pack to help clear the way.
Videoing the whole run - he will still need a good picture of himself - our raison d'etre

So drove out down the route past a frequent line of marshals along the seafront to the 5 mile mark and the turn point. Managed to find a parking spot and after a small battle with the parking machine, hot footed it to the location.
Had a cheery hello to a few marshals on the way walking along the seafront prom, found the spot, turned around and hey presto - saw the leader homing in, so grabbed a few, messed about with the exposure settings and tried to get the seat set up and ready for them after the turning point.

 You can see from the two pictures below the challenge of 180 degree different direction of shot - one is dark background sun from the left, and the other is mildly into the sun, very bright concrete and bright sky background. If that's not a recipe for a silhouette disaster if you get it wrong - I don't know what is ! (the camera will make it dark automatically if you don't make any adjustments or run on manual - which is what I did). I had to do that err, professional thing to get them right instead.
Leader approaching from the West (no background)
Leader approaching from the West - Harbour and beach in the background
And at that point it's head down, try not to get sunburnt (long sleeves and silly floppy hat) and concentrate on the job at hand. - here's some winners from that location:
Looking strong at the 5.5 mile point - a nice day to be by the sea

If you were wondering where Sport Systems were today - they were out for a run !

Happy Running - is the best type !

How to put your friend off their stride - reach around

Good to keep the water going

Big thumbs up - great running

Linda kept cool

Activ Bike mashals did several laps around the course
So, after the last bike sweeper came past, it was back to the finish for a few more shots to support the rush - which would have been sooner except for the 5 minute delay due to the slowest road-work traffic lights in the universe. arrrgh. No worries - still made it back with some time to go.

Great finishing

Correct crowd appreciation wave

suitably exhausted pose afterwards

Strong finish at the last

A masterclass in commentary - lay out the numbers and the names will be easy to find quickly
So there we have it - a great race put on by the organisers, marshals, rotary club volunteers, massage team, timekeepers and of course the runners.

The gallery from todays Folkestone 10 is now live and online here for viewing and ordering:

Next race up is the Lewes 10k on Bank Holiday Monday - where the 3yr old is going to do the 800m kids run. Here's hoping it all goes smoothly !

Until next time, train well, enjoy the long weekend, keep hydrated and sun-blocked and enjoy the weather !


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