Tuesday 26 April 2011

Lewes 10k and Fun Runs - now live

The Lewes 10k and Fun Runs Gallery is now live and online here


Race website and information here: 
In what is one of the most social gatherings of the years racing calendar the Lewes10k, 2mile and 800m Fun Run. It's always a great occasion for the family being during the school holidays, at the end of the Easter Break so everyone is fully fueled on chocolate and charged on adrenaline from a weekend with the extended family and ready for a run.

First up is the 800m two laps of the track toddler trot. With children from as young as 2 up to about 8 taking part it's always a great bit of controlled chaos. With a power to weight ratio near to infinity a lot of the kids spend more time in the air than touching the ground.
Controlled chaos at the start of the 800m

This was the third time Jessica has started the 800m, the first time unassisted, but alas her cough took its toll and she only covered 400m this time. I know many older runners who would have battled on despite injury, so it's good to know that she's in touch with how she feels.

Lead from the start and burn up the course

Keep on your toes if you don't want to get chased down at the finish
The Junior 2 mile race was also well attended this year - the winner lead from the gun to be a clear winner back in the park - leading to a clean sweep for Lewes AC for the girls and the boys categories.

The main 10k race was as full as it gets at the start line area with the usual suspects of Robbie James and James Baker lining up on the front row.
 As someone who has been fit, and is now struggling to return to anything like that fitness, it's always a bit offputting to see these guys charging round the track at the start holding a conversation along the front row. Hats off to them for being able to do it !

It's always good to see some friends at these events, the Carter Family, Maureen, Roger, Mike, a zillion of you whos names I can't remember but your familiar faces and kind waves make the day worth working.
Make the 10k more of a challenge - carry a small child round the course

Bonjour my friendly Cornishwoman

Other Races
As a quick note to everyone I've just archived Beach Head Marathon, and next up is the Brighton 10k from november. I can only hold 350,000 images online in the gallery so I have to make space for new events - and as 98% of orders are completed in three months then the 6 months since Novemeber should be plenty of time for most people.  Just don't be the 1% who miss out and then have to pay the higher price for orders from the archived retrieved gallery.

May's planning is almost complete - 17 events from the 1st to the 29th - compare that with August and only 5 races then I'd best keep busy.

The next race we're at is the Friday fun fancy dress Royal 5k along the high street and roads of Bexhill - it's going to be a great race with spare fingers crossed for the weather - it's not looking good at the moment for Willliam and Kate in london.  Entries are still on so get over there for a great way to start the next long weekend, even if you've not got any fancy dress.

Enjoy the training with the weather chilling down a tad which should make things a bit nicer

until next time

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