Tuesday, 28 June 2011

all about triathlons - Summer G3 races now live

The allabouttriathlons Summer G3 races - numbers 4 and 5 are now both live and online ready for free downloads !
Race #4 Saturday is here: http://gallery.sussexsportphotography.com/a.tlx?k=j7nzgsj
Race #5 Sunday is here: http://gallery.sussexsportphotography.com/a.tlx?k=368zgsk

Whilst the premier of China was visiting Europe and deciding which countries he wanted to buy (Did he like the Fetta cheese, or is he lactose intollerant ?), the happy people of Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire - as well as a few from London and Watford (from what I could tell) decided that there were bigger challenges ahead, and that St.Martha's hill up the soft sand was exactly what they had in mind. Apparently it used to be good enough for Zola Budd to train on...but I digress.

With this in mind on the saturday, the usually reliable and effective business partner (wife/boss/photographer) had decided to take the evening off and go to watch Bon Jovi at Hyde Park. Usually she gets a press pass and takes photos, but this time it was purely recreational. And if she doesn't get her annual fix, it's a nightmare, so best let her go !

The view of the G3 races from Hyde Park
The view from the side of St.Marthas
The wide angle view from St.Marthas, at about 8pm run on the remote camera

Good running buddies and moral support around the race
Be nice to the timekeeper, you never know how fast you can go otherwise

Run quick with a big stick.
Back at St.Marthas for 8am the next morning, with the sun the other way round and with mist hangin about - or was that cloud, the whole set up photographically was completely different. David Attenborough with the gorrilas in the mist came to mind. Instead of just one of us covering the race with two cameras at two locations - it was three of us at three places with one camera each.
The racing was tight and by all accounts, enjoyable. In the humidity it wasn't going to be a crazy fast times and with the softer sand compared to the frozen tundra in the winter.

The ferns are growing strongly on the hillsides

The descent from the mist on the path around the church

That Church - St.Marthas, a bit in the mist

Fog, Mist or in fact - Cloud envelops the top of the course

Suddenly an attack of common sense - slapping oneself whilst shouldting "why?!?"

Hard as Snails anyone ? about 3" across! - ready for August the 27th

The new hush-puppy trainers proved effective on the sand

Me, working. Best get it captured for a change, just in case.
So big well done to Toby, Rory and the team on another smoothly organised event around the Surrey Hills. The marshals did a great job and the new ones have the opportunity to enter future aat races for free. What's not to like about marshalling ?

Future Races
If you enjoy the G3 races then best get yourself prepared for the Hurt, http://www.allabouttriathlons.co.uk/events_the-hurt.html - forests, hills and tracks and some good views.

For those of you interested and looking for your pictures from the latest Bridge Triathlon (which the web analytics says many of you are) - sorry but we agreed late on with John the race director not to cover the race, as all the others we have covered there haven't sold. As one person on tri-talk said last year - "It's on an industrial estate and not very pretty - why would I want a photo of that?" - so point taken. And - since last months has also not sold, (despite hiding the industrial estate) we would be silly to push the point.

This weekend we're back at Bewl 15 - a great off road challenge around the water - http://www.bewl15.co.uk/index.php A great race organised by Wadhurst Runners, notable for the free cake at the end and the Brass Band !
Also the new Sussex Triathlon -http://www.sussextriathlon.co.uk/ starts on July the 3rd, organised by the very reliable TLSportsEvents. creators of the recent Sussex Marathon - that turned out to be one of the big challenges of the year.

The rest of July has a great deal of wednesday evening races - the Roundhill Romp (Steyning), the RPAC Summer 10k (Reigate), The Phoenix Summer 10k(Hove Lawns) and then the Bexhill 5k - one race in each of the following weeks. There should be one near you if you're a Sussex based person, so no excuse not to get out there and enjoy the summer evenings.

In the meantime I leave you with the joyful news that I'm off for a brain scan tomorrow. If they find anything, I'll let you know. Hopefully something more than a new potato in there. Apologies for the slight backlog in orders recently, been a bit tied up at the hospital.

Until next time,
Enjoy the warmer, if to too warm and stormier weather for running in, the rain should clear it through.


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