Monday 28 November 2011

3xMolehills 2011 gallery now live

The gallery for the Events to Live Three Molehills is now live and online here:

The main race website is here

The race starts at Denbies vinyard in Dorking and goes off around three of the local hills (Molehills) in three separate legs. Some people do it as one big race, around a half marathon in length, and some do it as a relay team - the split is about 50-50. This was the second running of this event, and it's rather unusual format, but numbers were up from last year.

Waking up yesterday I cursed the innacuracies of the weather forecast as I stared into the gloom of blustering rain and wind. Neither help for race photography, which is an outdoors occupation with suitable clothing to hand at all times. Meeting up with Tony the other photographer who was to cover the 2nd leg and the finish we headed inside for shelter and a cuppa and to check-in with the race organisers Alan and Nicky.

It was during the cuppa that we looked up through the glass pyramid roof in the middle of the Vinyards restuarant to discuss if that really was blue sky we were looking at. It was. A check of the rain radar on the Met office website confirmed the rain had blown through. Nice !

So off to posts, up box hill, onto leg 2 and then back at the edge of the vineyard for leg 3 and to the end of the hill at the finish. Someone please get on with inventing the Tardis.

Here's a few photos to sum it up:

Denbies from the Top of Box Hill. To the side, you can't get this in the background for the photos.

Race start from the Vinyard off on Leg 1 and a lot of thumbs-up

Dave ran the first leg with a wink and a thumbs up

smiles, which continued all the way round - we have proof

a cheeky hitch-kick bravely executed on a downhill

Definetly good going.

A perfect sunday for running

This years Movember winner

Over the edge at Box Hill to return to the race HQ
I have no idea what this means, but it's quite amusing !

Into the woods on Leg 2 and Double thumbs from David, Hi David !! #bighair
Up and out from the vinyard for the last time on leg 3

eye popping hard work up the hill
Flying back down to the finish

victory airplane into the finish

Is this the one you meant David ?

picturesque running through the woods

See - she was still smiling at the end !
 Overall a warm, friendly day which was considerably better than last years freezing (ice layer in 3 minutes on top of camera bag on Box Hill in 2010) conditions, no idea on how the new relay hand over location worked compared to last year, but it was probably better for facilities and keeping a great atmosphere going.

That's it for the Events To Live races this year - it's been a busy one with Alan and Nicky bringing on a whole set of competitive and warm events for people to enjoy.
Don't forget to get your race pictures from the other races they organised this year if you did one of them - The ones still live (not quite yet archived) are:


Demolition of Broadbridge Heath Leisure centre and Athletics Track
Finally - if you are in Sussex and have heard that Horsham Council has recommended a demolition of their only Sports Centre in Horsham - and as a runner you feel that this is wrong, then please write to them objecting to their plans. It goes to the Councillors vote on Wednesday December the 21st and unfortunately without a lot of public input is likely to turn into a "vote as you're told to" council decision. Your Sports Facilities need your help !

Apparently the council have not maintained it effectively in past years (failed a stich in time to save nine), and now it has to be urgently repaired to keep it safe and functional - which is an unbudgeted £1.5m. To avoid the bill, they have a report that designates the Crawley K2 running track as "the local facility", and therefore they can demolish the running track and sport centre due to "overcapacity of facilities in the north of the district" - I don't know how local their idea of "local" is but K2 is 9.5miles away - so you won't be cycling down the dual carriageway anytime soon to the other "local track" - so its a decision that will kill the fitness of future generations of the children of Horsham, let alone the wider adult community, and the county.

Crawley doesn't have an indoor 50m track - something unique to Broadbridge heath - home to many of the counties best athletes and certainly when I frequented it - three world class athletes for winter training. (across pole vault, 400m and 800m) although its destruction will cement my title as the Sussex County Indoor 50m hurdles champion forever, it's not quite the way I'd like it to happen.

So I urge you to write or email to the councillor who is Jonathan Chowen, who is the Horsham Council Cabinet member responsible for Leisure. His email is or his address is Old Lock House, Lock, Partridge Green, Horsham, RH13 8EG.

Please write NOW - especially if you are not a Horsham resident and bring valuable custom into their area due to the running track, or if you have anything to do with the local sports, compete against Horsham Joggers (anyone who runs in the Sussex 10k and Sussex Leagues - you know the ones I mean!) or compete at the track or have raced against Horsham Blue Star AC - this decision will affect you and the makeup of sports facilities across Sussex.
There is no hint or suggestion of a replacement facility - this is going to be a one-way decision and I urge you to all make sure your voices are heard - use it or lose it, ineveitably to houses.


No races next weekend so it's been hijacked by pre-christmas relatives and family stuff. My first sunday off covering events since Easter and that's what I get...

Otherwise, in two weeks time on the 10th December is the Brutal 10 - Race 3 which is at Bordon, so get yourself out and down for that - it's always good clean fun !

until next time

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