Monday 21 November 2011

Brooks Brighton 10k - now live

The Race Gallery for the 28th Brooks Brighton 10k is now live and online here with over 23,000 images:

The race results and information are available here:

A record start number of 2724 willing participants lined up for near-perfect conditions along the south coast on Brightons Madeira Drive for a quick trip to the Marina, no stopping for shopping, back past the pier to check out the tea and coffee on the Kings Lawns and then a short stride back to the Finish line ready for fish and chips and a well earnt drink.

This years winner was Ben Whitby from Windsor Slough and Eton who did the grand tour in 29:52 (only 33 seconds off last years fast time), and the womens winner was the pre-race favourite Agnieszka Ciolek in 33:30 16 seconds off last years course record.

A full report of the race is here on the Sussex AA website:

This is basically the flattest fastest and most PB'able course that we cover - so I hope you can find yourself your best PB face photo to keep as a lasting memory !

Apologies for the vast number of photos below, but well, its fun.

I surrender ! - pre race nerves kicked in for one

Safe start - from the front in perfect conditions

The scenic view

and off to the marina

arty blurry start line action stuff
Hi Jon!

Please donate to Joe's charity - to help him get some shoes

Darren was in two minds as to which side of the camera he should be on

Good looking support crowd gets a whistle

Doh I was supposed to be in Gosport for the Half

Hi Jon !

Hi Heather !

oooh Flags

Brave Movember man runs through Black Rock

Equally Brave
Mens Winner, decent airplane finish, sub 30 too.

Ladies Winner

Some weird movember move

high 5 finishes

Look - you finished !

The legend that is Jacko

Tight finishing for 404th place

Raaar !

faller at the last after unintentional interference

Hi Steve !

Hi Tom !

happy victory wave
I personally wouldn't run around holding up a number 69 like this.

The Boss.
 Many thanks to the Scouts who did a great job with flyers at the end of the race to tell everyone about the race photos. We managed to put over 23,000 online in the gallery for you to see - so I hope you all get a chance to see your PB faces !

Big hello to Chris Carter and all the team from Brighton and Hove City athletic club that make this event possible and inviting us to cover the race every year for the past 8 years.

Until next time

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