Friday 4 January 2013

Serpentine RC New Years Day 10k 2013

 The Annual Serpentine New Years Day 10k Gallery is now live and online here:

Race website

Race results with bib numbers: 
10k :


The Annual NYD hangover clearing fresh air festival after christmas run that is the Serpentine RC 10k took place last Tuesday. Excellently organised by the countries largest Running Club, over 568 runners took to the paths of Hyde Park to enjoy the bright sunshine and fab break in the rain !

For most of us it was a little bit special, but for one person it was very special all the way round, and for two people it was very special, just after the finish.

Now it's not after every race this happens. Sure you might swear a bit about how hard it was, get high on the endorphins and get a little over excited, stagger about in a sweaty out-of-breath-mess and generally complain, and there has been the unfortunate occaisional ambulance case or two through the years, but no, I've never know anyone to make a proposal of marriage.

Can you tell which of these below was the happy couple on their way round the race ?

The Radical choice

She knows too much

She has no idea

non-consecutive numbers ? but innocent faces and a shiny watch... nope.
 So if you haven't figured that out - here's some more from around the race

Hello Heather xx

Happy lifestyle facebook profile picture type shot Heather ?

Mens winner, pushed all the way
Richard Kowenicki 
Thames H & H 

Ladies winner - cruised in at the finish
Imogen Ainsworth  Bristol & West AC 


Airplanes at the fountains

Watch the birdie

And Congratulations to the happy couple ! (the red colour cast is from the light reflecting off the large Red finish arch) You can just see the engagement ring on her hand round his waist...- click to enlarge. (and yep the right answer to the quiz above was - none of them...). If they get in touch and let me know your favourite picture and I'll sort it out for you.

So the gallery is now live (well it was on wednesday, but I've only just had a chance to write the blog) so all of you entering into a new years fitness regime or just want to keep tabs on your 2013 training - now is the moment to get that benchmark photo to show how you improved.

And for everyone out there who needs a bit of motivation for 2013 and a bit of running - you can still get photos from your 2012 races on the gallery from as far back as the 12th of August 2012. We can also do archive searches from any race from 2008 by race number - but they do cost a bit more than the normal current gallery.

New year resolutions and motivation
If like me you're at least half a stone overweight - and perhaps like me - not run a step since your last race (bad boy me), then a race picture on the fridge might be what you need to remind you what to do - here's mine...*embarrased face* to set the tone from last march...
my Cambridge - Mid life crisis - Half marathon 2012

Best get on then, I've a database to write, event organisers to contact, photographers to pay and the Sussex Cross Country Championships on Sunday to prepare for. And a part-time office administrator to recruit. At least I've just paid the VAT bill. *sad face* (goes to eat bread for lunch). Oh and half a stone to shift.

Happy New Year, I hope you all manage to tweak your lives just that little bit more in the right direction in 2013. Whatever direction that may be !

until next time,

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