Monday 7 January 2013

Sussex XC Champs 2013

The Sussex XC Champs 2013

Race Gallery is now live here:

A great write up by Reg Hook on the SCAAA website here, so I can't really match that.

We now have the pleasure of using a new (to us) canon 1DmkIV which helped with shots in the very dark woods - for the camera geeks ISO5000, f3.2, 1/500th anyone ? and also the joy of no buffering compared to the 1Dmk3's we usually use, and obviously you get the benefit of shots on the course where we wouldn't usually be able to venture.

The best bit about the Sussex XC Champs is meeting the marshals, officials, volunteers, the Oat Hut, and of course the competitors who all make it one great big running family at Stanmer. It can be a bit of a pain having to break off a good catch up with someone to dash off into the woods with the kit and get the shots you're there to get - work eh, always getting in the way of a good chinwag and gossip. Hello again to everyone - great to see you !

If you're planning your next effort in Sussex then the next race in the local area is the new pebbledash10k on wednesday evening, and the east sussex XC league at Snape Wood, Wadhurst at the weekend on Sunday.

We're going to be continuing our planning for 2013 and hope to see you out and about sometime soon !

Here's a few pictures from todays fun on the hill at Stanmer.

That first leg round to the short sharp climb - if your lungs arn't warmed up, then you're in for a shock

Forgot your race number ? We have solutions

Hello Izzy... as she waves on the way round thanking the marshals

Running through the trees, Kate Bush style

Strong running into the finish

Winning into the finish straight

keeping it fast at the last

The start of the mens race

Mr Pepper takes it from the front

strong to the finish in the U20 Mens

Defending champion and winning again this time for Worthing, just ahead of Arena

Well done everyone on a great days racing, the gallery is here, fully indexed by Hayley and Holly here in the office this evening/tonight :

Until next time, keep trining

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