Tuesday 27 January 2015

The South of England SEAA XC Champs 2015, and Canterbury 10 Mile

Both the Canterbury 10 mile race and the SEAA XC champs are now online.

Saturdays South of England Cross Country Championships this year took place at Stanmer Park in Brighton. Conditions under foot were firm, if hilly, and 9mm spikes seemed to be the consensus. Heavy overnight rain had served well to break any ice and frost hardness to the course, but had also drained well on the chalk soil. The sun shone the entire time, and once out of the wind I even noticed a few picnic blankets and food being eaten on the slopes. In January. So in summary the conditions were there for the fast ones who could do a bit of uphill and downhill, but not ideal for the mud skaters who technically always do better at the Parliament hill course.

Sundays Canterbury 10 took place in far more conducive weather this year - with light and dry conditions - with the U20 mens SEAA XC champ from Saturday cruising around for a massive win at the 10miles on the Sunday !

Event Gallery link Results link
SEAA Cross Country XC Championships 2015

http://bit.ly/SEAA-XC-Gallery-2015 http://seaa.org.uk/results/cross-country.html
http://bit.ly/Canterbury-10-Gallery-2015 http://www.invictaeastkentac.org.uk/events/view/1283/Canterbury+10/

Races - Heads up - don't get caught out !
Half Marathon Events selling out fast:
26th of April - http://bit.ly/Southampton-Half
8th March - http://bit.ly/Surrey-Half-Marathon-entry
15th March - http://bit.ly/riverthameshalf

There is a great report (albeit with a local angle) from the Sussex Athletics Association here: http://www.sussexathletics.org.uk/news.php?id=1689 describing amongst others Ben Tickner's win and the margins involved, as well as the excellent work in the U20 and Senior Womens races by Grace and Emma respectively.

Close racing at the top of the hill

confident descent off the top

The world of pain train in the senior womens race

The view back to the team camp and the amex stadium

Confident climbing

Chichester points back up to the top of the hill he's just left

and back down again

Tonbridge driving along the slopes

For the U20 womens win

Sunlight dazzles of the watches on the bright day's racing

Can you kick it ? Ben Tickner wins from 800m Ugandan Olympic 1:52 Paskar Owor, and Jon Pepper taking third in the background for the finish of the day.
Well done to the local marshals on making sure everyone went the right way around the different courses - it's not an easy job over a 5 hour period especially with some races overlapping starts and finishes !

Canterbury 10
Training run warm down from Saturday - for the win #859 in 52:03 Abel Tsegay

Tina Oldershaw hit 1:02:48 to win the women's race

Sarah, The Grubernator - for 1:06:02

Lee Simpson sprinted in for a tight 1:07:04

Well done to Invicta for a great race organisation and making sure of the good weather !

Next weekend we are at the Watford Half Marathon (entries closed), on their new course (to avoid the shallow flooding) and the Events to Live Bookham 10k - a fantastic run into the north downs north of Dorking - which will still go ahead if the tracks are a bit puddly and muddy (entries still open for that one).

Until next time, hope you don't get caught in the snow !

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