Monday 1 February 2016

SEAA XC 2016 Championships - gallery now live

That's the South of England Championships that was !
On what turned into a lovely bright day with a slight wind, we had churning mud rolling in the deep kind of Cross Country that separates the fastest from the fast ones. A test of character for everyone involved if ever there was.

Start of the U15 Boys race - from in front of the Lido and then up the hill. One of the best sights in English XC running, designed to introduce lactic acid into every pore before you've even done 500m.
The gallery is now live and online here: 

Search using your race number - and if you're not sure what that was -
check the results: and then
when you can't find your pictures - search on the race numbers who finished ahead of you - you should find yourself in the background if they were blocking the view - this is particularly common in the finish for the younger age group races, where they basically don't split up at all over the distance...

If you want to know how truly hard-core the XC champs are - the mens 15k distance is the longest race of all the regional XC champs, and for all their hard efforts and work, for all the races - only the winners got medals, and there was no water at the finish. Think about that for a while.

For several of us who are now long time observers of the race scene and the XC champs in particular - it was surprising to see so many who regularly win the half marathons and 10k's in the Region not even making the top 10 in the races. Having said that - many will be targeting summer marathons and aiming to peak in Spring, for the first time in 2016, so a January run-out is all the more challenging off a base with no speed work.
Having said that - again it was good to see some faces doing much better than expected -  a good example is Finn McNally of Phoenix AC in 15th place in the seniors is an excellent achievement and promises much for years to come.

It was interesting to note on the race booklet a certain M.Farah #4953 entered, shame he didn't make it this time.

Plenty of spare shoes seemed to be found out and about on the course, notably by the younger runners, very good of them to keep the heath clean, or indeed take them out with them in case their team mate lost one on the way around. Very considerate.

Talking of considerate - here's a little whinge about people stretching barrier tape - please don't do it ! Why - because it changes the course and obstructs the runners !! And if you're filming or image making - then it's your duty not to influence the race in any way whatsoever !! Pick a better spot, simple !

Winner of the U15 Boys race on the last corner - is the supporter/videographer in the way ? yes - pretty sure he's caused the runner to not take his preferred route.
The rest of the boys come through - note the straight barrier tape, and withdrawing to a safer position.
Overlaid position of the supporter from the first shot onto the second shot (using the tree in the background as the overlay guide) - clearly he obstructed the winner on the course to get his video. This is not good supporter etiquette !

The legend that is Mark Sherman waiting on the furthest part of the course

Smiling a lot. Can't have been going fast enough ? (shouts "run faster" in helpful coach-voice)

Rich had lost it by now

Mr McCaffrey and his all seeing eye of Sauron. I'm waiting for the 360 edition to come out.

He literally carried this photo frame around with him the whole way.

Anything to get away from practising law

"not another lap?" Don't worry it was your last !

Enjoying the course whilst it still had grass

Flying in at the finish for Bedford

Proper mud flinging

Shoe lost and buried forever

Both Shoes recovered successfully

Proper racing into the finish

Working that hill for the second time

Spare shoes anyone ?

work the backlight on the hair for your profile portrait

who mentioned the mud ?

He was just happy to be alive after that lot

Keeping balance, honest...

"Sunglasses are the only prescription glasses I have"... and other excuses used by National 50 mile cycling champion Dr Hutch when out running. 

That backlit 1970's  long hot summer view. In January.

Still got it ! (the shoe that is)

As my coach used to say gently - "RELAX YOUR SHOULDERS"

Good solid work out on the second lap from Watford

A.Old #3688, a year older, according to her Birthday Badge - Happy Birthday !!

Victory at staying clean !!

Why Why WHY ?!?!

So here's the table of recent events, and then future events. Do you think this would be easier cut up into separate months ? A table for each one ? Let me know what works for you ? Otherwise - click through to get your recent race photos:

Date Event Name Event type Gallery Linkn Event Website
two weeks ago . . . .
Sun-17/01/2016 ETL Denbies10 10m
A Weekend Ago . . . .
Sat-23/01/2016 Brutal Women Only 10k
Sun-24/01/2016 Brutal Men Only XC - challenge
Sun-24/01/2016 Fred Hughes 10 10m
Last Weekend . . . .
Sat-30/01/2016 SEAA XC XC
February . . . .
Sun-07/02/2016 ETL Bookham 10k XC
Sun-07/02/2016 Watford Half half marathon
Sat-13/02/2016 Brutal Bagshot XC - challenge
Sun-14/02/2016 Worthing Half Marathon half marathon
Sun-21/02/2016 Hampton Court Half Marathon half marathon
Sat-27/02/2016 National XC Champs XC
Sun-28/02/2016 Run The Streets - Kingston half marathon
March . . . .
Sat-05/03/2016 The Nuts Challenge XC - challenge
Sun-06/03/2016 The Nuts Challenge XC - challenge
Sun-06/03/2016 Steyning Stinger marathon
Sun-06/03/2016 Berkhamsted Half Marathon half marathon
Sat-12/03/2016 Surrey Schools XC Champs XC
Sat-12/03/2016 Brutal Bordon XC - challenge
Sun-13/03/2016 The Surrey Half Marathon half marathon
Sun-13/03/2016 ETL Spitfire 20m
Sun-13/03/2016 Colchester Half half marathon

Archive requests ?
A quick reminder that the entire 2015 race season can be found here:
including last years SEAA championship XC races !!
otherwise just drop us a line and we will see what we can find for you...

Right that's it - remember to share and mention your friends names on our facebook posts for the race galleries when they are ready: - that way you can make sure they know about them too...

Until next time, and see you at Watford next Sunday...


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