Wednesday 20 March 2019

Brentwood Half, Richmond Half and Leicester Town and Gown 10k 2019 galleries now live

Welcome to this weeks blog news - a busy one with three  races over the weekend - Richmond, Brentwood Halfs and Leicester 10k - and all fortunately not cancelled due to the cold weather from the Beast from the east like last year !

So were you at these races this weekend ?, was it a first time ?, are you regularly one of the teams out there raising money for good causes with your hard work ?
Check-out the galleries and events below to get the proof and your winning photos !

Recent past and future events:

Date Event Gallery Results
Sun-07/04/2019 Free Event Images
Sun-28/04/2019 Free Event Images
Sun-28/04/2019 Free Event Images

Otherwise here at SSP towers we're on business as usual - I'm off camera duties with a doctors note having had my wrist chopped up and tendons repaired (TFCC if you're interested) and a bone spur removed from my radius too. Nothing too serious, but just had another plaster cast put on for another 4 weeks, so I'm potentially out of action until the 15th April,  so I'll miss quite a bit of the fun half marathon races over the coming months which is quite annoying, on the other hand - the early sunday mornings for a while will be on the back burner and I get to do the parenting instead...

So with no further ado, here's a few pictures from this weekend... can I just say 1)the captions in no way represent the opinions of those in the pictures and anything that might is purely coincidental and 2)I'm saving myself for Brexit themed captions until next week...

Mario flies in and past carrot stick man

He's been tango'ed

ahead of the pacers, that'll do !

six legged record attempt went well

all busy at the start and good charity teaming up

why why why !

After brexit they won't be allowing st.Patrick over here, making life more fun for everyone

Top team ready at the start

Imperial ? where's the stormtrooper helmets ?

top family effort fun

a whole new world of "how do you like your eggs?" genre of questions. A: "Runny"

top work Jan !

high score !!

proper imperial stormtrooping

excellent finishing

made it all the way around !

top little wave from the left of good luck
ok everyone - who is actually looking where they are going ?

the winner had a bit of a lead at leicester

Peter Parker getting in a bit of essential cardio

close run finishes are the best

pushing on for the finish

goal achieved !

probably waving quite a lot to friends all the way around - could have gone faster, but why if you're having so much fun ?!

all ok. I think.


I don't think this is a brexit tshirt slogan?

always a smile across the line

best high fives ever

this brexit fancy dress pose won the competition

this is not a brexit fancy dress outfit

thirsty anyone ?

the pacer unfortunately had wandered off course last october - but eventually found some runners and finished a different race this week. probably needs a rest?


slightly surprised, but seems ok

happily can't hear our photographers encouragement with headphones in

this is the "I'm with westminster" hand signal ?

Churchillian victory finish

waterstation goes business class

actually so light just floats around the course

all going *defiantly* ok

"look on the brightside, I saved you money and got you off the Leave means leave march"

it's a good place to race really isn't it !

"Boats for hire". Noted.

Spring is here, so get those charity vests on and working for you !

So there you go, if you are into your ultra runs and distance events there's still time (and plenty of spaces) to join the Pro-Brexit Sunderland-to-London enduro. I'd put a link here but seriously am unable to find one !!! ("Biiig success"says D.Trump)

but if you fancy a mass participation event with no entry fee - then this is possibly the one for you - but we're not doing the photos (as there are no numbers)

Good luck all and have a great time at Hastings or Colchester this weekend !! weather looks near perfect...

until next time

PS oh yes, multiple facebook reports this week for people using copyright licensed watermarked images instead of buying them - it seems Grant from FB support was having a bad day and also closed peoples facebook accounts as well as just removing the unlicensed illegally used images - so be careful out there. Hopefully Grant is having a better day today...and perhaps don't test their terms and conditions...

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