Tuesday 26 March 2019

Colchester Half and Hastings Half Marathons 2019

A few of our favourite Henfield Joggers enjoying the sunshine

Another weekend for big races - the Colchester Half and Hastings Half Marathons - all covered in glorious sunshine, even if the air was a little on the chilly side, we're starting to pack the suncream into our kit bags.. (there you go, winter will be back next week).

Join the winners and get your race photo memories today ! - Galleries and future events listed below

Date Gallery results website
Sun-17/03/2019 http://sspimg.com/Richmond-Half-2019-Gallery http://www.sportsystems.co.uk/ss/results/Richmond%20Half%20Marathon/4016
Sun-17/03/2019 http://sspimg.com/Leicester-TownandGown-10k-2019-Gallery https://www.chiptiming.co.uk/events/mduk-leicester-town-and-gown-10k-2019/?
Sun-17/03/2019 http://sspimg.com/Brentwood-Half-2019-Gallery https://results.sporthive.com/events/6511237009933569792
Sun-24/03/2019 http://sspimg.com/Hastings-Half-2019-Offical-Photos http://www.sportsystems.co.uk/ss/results/Hastings%20Half%20Marathon/4021
Sun-24/03/2019 http://sspimg.com/Colchester-Half-2019-Gallery http://www.sportsystems.co.uk/ss/results/Colchester%20Half%20Marathon%20/4004
- Future races and Events
Sun-31/03/2019 https://www.kingstonraceday.com/
Sun-07/04/2019 https://www.adidascityruns.com/ Free race photos !
Sun-07/04/2019 http://bit.ly/Paddock-Wood-Half
Sun-14/04/2019 www.HONC.co.uk
Sun-28/04/2019 http://www.7oakstriclub.co.uk/our-events/triathlon Free race photos !
Sun-28/04/2019 http://stormthecastleduathlon.com/ Free race photos !
Sun-28/04/2019 https://rawenergypursuits.co.uk/bluebell-trail-run-angmering-2019/ Free race photos !
Sun-05/05/2019 http://bit.ly/3-Forts-Challenge
Sun-05/05/2019 http://bit.ly/southampton-half
Sun-05/05/2019 https://rawenergypursuits.co.uk/steyning-triathlon-2019/ Free race photos !
Sat-11/05/2019 http://www.london-revolution.com/ Free ride and run photos !
Sun-12/05/2019 http://www.townandgown10k.com/oxford/
Sun-12/05/2019 http://www.london-revolution.com/ Free ride photos !
Sun-12/05/2019 https://velobirmingham.com/ Free ride photos !

good work at the high-five station

highland fling five station

find a fire station

This isn't a very good fancy dress from the film Grease to be honest

ladybirds ?

Hulk Angry

wish I could run like this still....

Bert for the win !

Nuns on the run


It can all get a bit busy at the start

Floating down the last of the hill and in for the finish straight (2 miles...)

Well done Ernie...

We had a teacher at school who's nickname was Kermit. Kids are so cruel, but so was he so there you go. 

Endangered !

I'd be concentrating too part way up the climb

Big respect !

Hello !

Multiple charities - hopefully opt-out will help with increased donors

Eric's in charge

"what do you mean you've left me?" texting - such sweet sorrow at a finish line.

My, what big hands you have !

Big Bird was out on the course

For the win !!

Meanwhile at Colchester

for the win!!

Kevin had a good day !

double badda-bing badda-boom

two things you don't usually see in Chelmsford high street

Rachel harnessed the wind on the way round

Don't talk to me about brexit !!!

Jim for the Win

Smells a bit like teen spirit ?

Time for a live Vlog ? probably not...

Time for a cold spell...

X marks the spot

If Laura Ashley did running kit... (or Kath Kidson for that matter)

Top at sitting down sports

Europeans get one in pre-brexit, whilst they still can...

Leave it all on the racetrack

Super Batman ?

Off to the land of pain...

Ahh, if only we could all looked so relaxed and not in pain at 13 miles eh !!
right, that's it until Richmond this weekend, enjoy the entertainment channel on BBC Parliament whilst the comedy show unravels, and get out there for your training runs to sort it all out !!

Until next time

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