Wednesday 17 April 2019

Paddock Wood, Grand Union Half, Brutal, HONC 2019 and Adidas 1hr galleries all live

Run for it !
As usual a very big well done to everyone completing an event recently, you've done better than most people. Feel good about it and make sure you get your memories for that rainy/sunny/cold/muddy day. You never know when you're going to be looking at this running stuff like the spire of the Notre Dame... (too soon ?) or is this your come back like Tiger Woods after 11 years in the wilderness and wondering what you should have done differently in your past life? (also too soon?)

It's been a busy few weeks, and with my wrist in plaster, I've been off camera duties and pretty much not typing much either (and left handed mouse driving is surprisingly easy, but annoyingly slower) - but the news is that the plaster is off, I have two two-inch scars and my very swollen wrist is good for typing once again... ligament repair or not, nothing is going to get in the way of my amazing wit and caption writing (which you know is the only reason you keep your subscription to this blog). How did I end up needing my wrist in plaster you might ask ? well, let me start... well perhaps not.

Here's your links and galleries for the past recent Events, and a nod to the future - have a look at all those lovely free photo events that you want to get your entries in for !!! (some are sold out - I'll leave you to have a look for yourselves...)

Date Event Event Website Race Gallery
Sun-31/03/2019 RBK Spring Half Marathon
Sun-07/04/2019 Paddock Wood
Sun-07/04/2019 Adidas Run Central 10k
Sun-07/04/2019 PP Grand Union Half
Sat-13/04/2019 Brutal Bagshot
Sun-14/04/2019 HONC
Future Event Coverage - - -
Sun-28/04/2019 REP Bluebell Free Images !
Sun-28/04/2019 Storm The Castle Free Images !
Sun-28/04/2019 7Oaks Tri Free Images !
Sun-05/05/2019 REP Steyning Tri Free Images !
Sun-05/05/2019 3Forts
Sun-05/05/2019 Southampton Marathon
Sat-11/05/2019 London Revolution Ride Sat Free Images !
Sun-12/05/2019 Velo Birmingham Free Images !
Sun-12/05/2019 London Revolution Ride Sun Free Images !
Sun-12/05/2019 Oxford 10k
Sun-19/05/2019 REP Arundel Tri Free Images !

best ballet pose

good running needs pointing out

feeling strong

off from the get go, taste the race

all going well !!

St Pauls watching over in the background

he's got the golden tshirt - project 500 - all to go

Double pointers

this is a bit like what the commuter walk to the office looks like - on a good day.

looking good in that adidas kit... ;-)

St.Pauls - large in that background

and then a friend waves by...

excellent running - four laps in

concentration on the Brutal run

see what artistry I can create with an image crop

Brutal camouflage and ready to rumble

three different ways to experience the water

look, something funny- over there.*looks*. we went through *all* the images, annoyingly couldn't find it.

There is far more going on in this picture than Cliff Richard realises or needs to know

did someone just faceplant in the water behind you ?

good running

and with that ended the swan lake performance by Kim...
no time for that religious praising stuff

its cold, its wet, it's fun !

Dad treats !

they then attempted to swing her like a toddler

Virtual Surfing

Beard Club. Sort of like fight club. Sort of.

Beard club reunited. FYI they never kick people out, that would be disrespectful. They also never mention it.

Morecambe and Wise fans watch on admiringly

He didn't hurt his head on the top of the frame.

many hands make light work

Persil advert colours sorted there

footy season going well ?

looking positive up the slopes of the tow path

strong into the finish

My, what big tyres you have !

Paris-Roubaix here we come

handy advice being shared with our photographer ?

whoa there trigger !! 

all going well, especially the chewy sweets

unsure how to keep your helmet on without a chin strap ? try this method with friends...

good trails riding

over the bridge at paddock wood

hope the knee gets better

always remember to drink your water on the way round

*EYES BURNING* Obi Wan, I need you now ! *Can't unsee*

a whole new meaning to race timing

finish strong and finish hard.

it's all ok over there *looks*

Most peaceful Brexit protest you've never seen.

Strong groups out on the early course together

always be proud of your home teams races !

possibly got too close to the candyfloss ?

and hence - none shall pass

to much of that "fun" going on here...

everyone has a different definition of warm, and waiting.

Supporting the Outwardbound trust - quite a novel fancy dress to test - one of the better ones for rainy conditions though

a busy start field on their way to the 8 or 16 mile course at RBK

The real Swan lake #2

time lapse mash-up mix image. sort of.

and then I asked myself - why not ?

and then I asked myself - why not ?

quite a bit of speed over this bridge then

hands up if you can spot the international award winning journalist in this shot...

selfie win... (makes us feel *just a little* redundant to be honest). Hope the store was good.

Running in to see some friends - always the best !

so that's about it for this week. We've carefully curated the bankholiday weekend to not be working (a bit of a first to be honest), although I think there is the if you're interested - sold out as always. 

extra bit...
If you're into these things - ignoring how or what your opinion on these matters is - have a little look at this video here and prepare to have your eyes opened.
Yes, it's a TED talk, and given this week - just one day before the heads of social media companies were given their chance to present at the same TED conference:
The free market economy relies on “equality of information” (which is why insider trading is illegal), and a democracy also requires and relies on equality and freedom of information- the point is that we no longer have that - we have uneven misinformation and information, lies and truth, shared unevenly and unknowingly- it is no longer a democracy with an open choice to even see this information. People don’t even have a choice to know which information bubble they are being put into. Their own reality is not of their choosing, even if they think it is (and that's the really frightening bit). We have all been played.
This secret data use has killed democracy. Insider trading of data has to be stopped and past abuses revealed - so at least people know that it happened to them.

And on that note, have a happy chocolate bank holiday weekend. [that's the right name for it yes ?]
Until next time

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