Wednesday, 20 November 2019

The Brighton 10k, Brutal Spider Hill and Adidas Fulham 10k 2019

Thanks for coming to 2019
So that's about it for 2019 - only one more race before christmas over at Seaford 10, and the customary post Christmas Brutal (especially good if you have a brother or sister you don't like coming to visit and you want to "have a laugh" at their expense and give them an entry as a christmas present - because they won't be prepared at all...)

We will have competed 104 events by the end of this year, put over 3.4 million images online fully catalogued and seen 131,000 people. (we now have over 20M online) Whilst we are reducing the number of events every year (we covered 147 in 2014!) - we are increasing the number of people we see at an event - we're about 40% up on the number of people we used to see on average at an event 5 years ago, and are taking almost double the number of images per event (on average), and on average you get about 26 photos from five different positions... so we're properly covering the story for you !

Date Event Website Gallery results website
Sun-03/11/2019 320 finishers

Brexit Unicorns finally spotted

who's going to pay for cleaning these up then ?

he just didn't give a care at this point

cold it was skywalker

know your enemies, love your friends more


Muddy Chugger bro's

I'll hit you again if you don't get me tickets to Longmoor

Jazz hands meets swan lake

like a merman

The new musical version of Brutal the musical had some choreography issues

Which one was Robin ?

jumping jackie flash

Hi fives. Niiice !

The Brighton 10k had nearly no wind, mild temperatures for the time of year and slightly cloudy skies - perfect for fast times - which we got !
All off at the go - smooth start

streaming down Madeira drive off to Hove actually

there's the pier !

Finn was in a bit of a hurry

U-Turn at the end - don't go to the marina

wasn't a Vegan champs this year - but still a good turnout for the club

winging their way back to the finish

yeah, we almost got a great shot for you... hope yours was better...

sorted for the finish !

Finn McNally won in 30:23

Beth Kidger won the womens race in 34:20
 This is where the gallery gets interesting - remember we've been taking photos in the local area for over 15 years now - so we dug this one out of the archives ... although this race isn't online
Beth Kidger - 10 years ago winning the Phoenix Road Races U17 race in November 2009

It was also the Adidas Fulham 10k on sunday - with free image downloads for all !
There were five start waves through the morning

can't beat a sunday run

contenders ready !

Good to see a race director out having a run at another race !

DOuble double OK's

V for Victory

Smashing down the finish line

always got to get your insta medal photos !

The height of fashion in Fulham - American Football kit !!
So that's it for a while now - we have the Seaford Mince Pie 10 mile run and then the general election with the results on FRIDAY the 13th !!!.

I'm quite political but will keep my personal opinions to myself - however I will leave you with this thought - and point out what Einstein said generally - "if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, but expect a different result - that is the definition of madness". So stop the madness and do something different for a change at this election ?

Please let's not have another horror of a day like Halloween was, beacuse I ended up dressed as Dr Frankenfurter (and some people's retinas have not fully recovered), which was messy enough, and have kept the nails going for charity - check them out on Justgiving via or search for it on facebook - and I remain in awe that we have raised over £350 - help me increase this past £450 which would pay for two days of hopsice care at The Sussex Beacon. Your help will be eternally welcomed.

So, until next time, when I'll not be presenting the latest poll results but fancy dress mince pie race photos - take care in the dark when training and make sure you have a 360 reflective top - seriously - you owe your safety to yourself - I get nothing for this link - but you get a good deal safer 


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