Monday 18 August 2014

Brutal Minley 2014 now live

Brutal Minley, aka: "The Dry One" took place on Saturday, with perfect weather inside and outside the woods - some people thought that this might be the easiest of all the Brutal Runs due to the lack of mud and water.
Well they were wrong !

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Brutal Minley results - 

With 444 competitors and associated supporters and assorted Canine running companions taking on the 5k, 10k or 20k challenge it was a very busy field for the morning.
Set amongst the fields, hills, dry ditches and bridges (yes you read that right), the course winds its way over, up, along and down several times along the ridges and dips that make up the Minley military exercise area.

There's a quick selection of images below to help you get a feeling for the atmosphere before and out on the course, one thing I didn't get any shots of was the post-race BBQ and food for the volunteers - because I was eating it, but it does highlight the benefits of volunteering at these sort of events - over and above the satisfaction of shouting "encouragement" at runners and pointing them in the right direction (both physically and metaphorically). 
I strongly encourage anyone who can't run for whatever reason to get volunteering at a race - no it won't be frustrating as you'll be busy, and if you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere marshalling and feeling a bit bored - it's as exciting as you make it, and as a runner you know that your being there is always appreciated.

Future race highlights - just a few for you to prioritise 
Get your entries sorted out before the end of holiday rush for
One is closed roads around the countryside, one is closed roads around the community - you should be able to figure out which is which and pick the one that suits you the best !

FYI - Bacchus has already sold out, so don't say I didn't warn you.... 
Don't miss out on the Abingdon Marathon if you want a fast and flattest possible PB chance, and then of course there is Beachy Head Marathon, if you want anything but fast and flat...

Pic2Go Barcodes for Race numbers
We have begun to use the new Pic2Go technology for race number identification and also to work with selected sponsors and events to use it's social sharing capability.
As a runner - please make sure you show your race number on the front - not your leg, the side, your back or under a race belt, rucksack or anything else other than your front !
Also - if you are a number cruncher (i.e. you snowball up your race number and then unfold it because it makes the number more pliable against your t-shirt), you should know that will stop it working too...

The best advice I have is to pin your number as high up as is reasonably possible on your tshirt. That will stop it folding about, it won't restrict your motion, and use 4 pins or holders - one in each corner.

Talking of making things faster, Using the pic2go barcodes for the near 18,000 images from Brutal Minley were indexed and catalogued before Sunday Lunchtime. This is about 50% faster than before, and removed about 12 hours hard labour here in the office on a weekend. Whilst the technology costs us about the same to use as manual tagging - it does get everything done and sorted a lot lot faster. We do of course then have to correct all the ones that can't be read because computers are not geniuses (arms, legs, and everything else in the way, or the number not shown on the front) and then we can get them onto the gallery as fast as possible.

Dave briefs everyone before the start

This is what lay ahead...

Green Tshirts were optional

Over ditches this time not under them

The face of disappointment as the ditch had a footbridge

This is what the crazy hills can do to you

Even the Canines had a bit of hill climbing crazy face

Spotted the way over the bridge

This is another way over the bridge

Through the shadowy woods

Short sharp sprint climbs up some banks

Make it easy for yourself they said...

Yes - almost to the top of the last hill !

Hats off for Finishing his first Brutal 5k 

Good running - and even the dogs get shoes these days !

So, well done everyone at Brutal for another well organised event, Allan, Dave, Colin, and even Rory who was riding around the course checking it and who gave me his map after I had passed mine on to someone else.

A busy bank holiday three race weekend with some swimming in the Adur, the Arundel 10k and the Canterbury Half Marathon.
And for those of you who like to know the passing of time - yes the eldest will be 7 this week too... now where has that time gone ?

Until next time, get your race entries in before they close !


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